All sorts of randomness...

Last night we attended Cruz'In -- the classic car parade that is the highlight of Summer in our small community. This year was a little less thrilling than previous years. "Burnouts" have been outlawed for safety reasons, so there was a great deal less squealing tires and revving engines. Poo. It was fun watching the parade with my running buddy, Heather, and her 3 kids, hubby, and dog, though.

My legs were pretty tired going down to the parade. We live about a mile from the parade route, so we rode our bikes down. This was after I ran 18 miles earlier in the day. I had a nice run, averaging about 30 seconds/mile faster than I have on similar runs in the past. I've been incorporating more speed work (mainly marathon pace/tempo runs) into my workouts in the past month and it is really making a difference in the average pace of all of my runs.

Today I'm feeling pretty wiped-out, though. I didn't sleep well due to overworked legs and a messed-up reproductive system. If recovery from a hysterectomy wouldn't put me out of commission for 6 weeks I'd do it today. Is it wrong that I am looking forward to menopause? Endometriosis for ALL of my reproductive life has really made things pretty miserable since age 12. And now my cycles average 23 days, so I'm dealing with this garbage way more than any woman should have to. At least I have my Advil liquigels. Those things are golden.

I just told DH that I'm thinking about making more coffee...he said "make it so strong that I worry about my heart." Yeah, it's that kind of day. It's also dreary, so that's not helping either one of us to feel more alert. I need to do an easy 4 miler at some point, but I'm in no hurry.

A couple of days ago I ordered a new Road ID product. My little velcro shoe tab is starting to fall apart and I realized that the work contact # for my hubby is no longer valid, so it was time. A friend of mine gave me a heads-up about a new Road ID bracelet that will be shipping later this month -- the Wrist ID Elite. I ordered mine with an orange strap, but since the straps are interchangeable I may later get some other colors...you know, so I can be all matchy matchy, heh. The wrist strap is more likely to be seen by paramedics in the case of accident, anyhow. Several people in-the-know have said that emergency medical folks don't pay much attention to a person's shoes when they arrive on the scene, they first look for medical alert bracelets.


  1. oooh i want the shiny new road ID! I feel my old one is totally inadequate now!

  2. I know we might have talked about this before, but are you a candidate for a laparoscopic hysterectomy? That's what I had, and I had 3 weeks of at-home recovery. My surgeon gave me the all-clear to resume running after 6 weeks, and I probably could have started before that but I wanted to be a good little patient.