Already planning next year's race schedule

Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon and Half Marathon, December (5?), 2010. Could be the most fun weekend of my 30+ years.

...at least I hope this is the case, woot!
I think the highlight of this event won't be the mega crowds of people (that part kinda freaks me out), the sights, sounds, or other race day niceties--though all good things. What I can't wait for is partying with a bunch of my fellow runner girls in Vegas from all over the US and overseas, baby! Rock AND Roll! (and running 26.2, too!)

We're already talking about arrival dates to give us time a day or two before the race, as well as a day or two afterwards where we can enjoy playing tourist and eat and drink too much while buying cheesy souvenirs or having equally cheesy mementos permanently etched to our tired flesh. This has the potential to make for some really wild and awesome memories (and snapshots) to last a lifetime.

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