Better Living Through Chemistry

This week caffeine is my drug of choice, via coffee. Damn, who am I kidding? Caffeine is ALWAYS my drug of choice!

All this week my kid has been at a nearby YMCA camp. Since it's daycamp I have been taking him into town to catch a bus out to camp. He's having a blast...coming home sweaty, dirty, and covered in a film of sunscreen and bug spray. But I am exhausted. I thought this would be the perfect week to hit my first 55 mile week, since I'm kid-free from 8:30-5...but I am finding that I am super exhausted from last week's 50 fast (for me) miles. And I'm not able to catch up on sleep by sleeping-in at all this week.

Plus our damned cats (4) have decided all this week that 5AM is a great time to start racing, fighting, begging for food, etc. I think I am averaging about 6 hours of sleep/night for the past 4 nights or so. Ow. I either need to start going to bed at 9PM or get my hands on a Marlin Perkins style dart gun to sedate the cats when they start rampaging. Dumb furbabies! Our almost-16 year old female is the worst. She is hyperthyroid and I swear she is also hypoglycemic. When she gets hungry she freaks-out if one of the other cats even looks at her. Then she jumps on the bed (on me) with all claws unsheathed.

Non cat people would probably ask "why don't you simply lock them out of your bedroom?" Ha! I wish. Cats locked out of rooms will scratch at the door and cry. Loudly. For hours. Our Ikky cat is the master of this practice. He figured out early in life that this behavior would get the door opened.

I think tonite they will get 2x their usual bedtime snack. Perhaps that will buy us an extra hour or two of sleep. Little f'ers. Too bad we can't leave food out for them 24/7, but Thor is already obese (and has even less portion control than I do), Ikky is rotund, Chase is chubby, and Lola is a puker (not something one wants to step in on a zombied trip to the bathroom in the wee hours--cat puke is equally nasty when it's fresh and steaming or cold and stale).

Yesterday I ran 11 miserable miles (with a fair amount of walking), today I have an ab workout and 6 miles on the agenda. Tomorrow I have 18 miles planned...I had wanted to do that run on Saturday (the following day), but the weather forecast is for HOT weather...tomorrow is only supposed to be in the mid-to-low 70s and mostly cloudy. MUCH more conducive to running. I can't wait to put this week behind me. The lack of sleep business is really killing me. Next week will be a relatively easy week with a 13 mile "long run." Phew. Just gotta get through this one, first...


  1. my cat is on my sh_t list too. Must be in the air..

    We're getting a hot/humid blast here in Iowa too. Heat index is supposed to be in the 107-110 range. Yuck.

    Hope you get some sleep soon!

  2. Everyone is talking about how obnoxious their cats are...is it the phase of the moon or something?

    Good luck with that heat. I know we are supposed to get well into the 90s. Tonite it is supposed to be in the 50s and only 70s tomorrow. Saturday/Sunday will be a shock!