Welcome back, Mojo!

Yesterday my running funk ended during a very wet and cool 18 miler...a run that absolutely rocked and will be one of those memorable ones that I will conjure-up whenever those rare, but miserable periods of seemingly endless crappy runs rear their ugly heads. The value of those bad runs is how much more fabulous they make the good ones feel.

In celebration (and because we were kid-free for the night) the hubby and I hit the beer tent at the Maritime Festival in town with our anniversary buddies, Heather and Tony (they were married the exact same day as we were and Heather and I are the same age). 1.5 mile walk with Diet Sierra Mist + a couple of shots of really crappy whiskey, then a couple of beers in the tent, then a couple more drinks at our favorite little bar (that's DH with the beer and Tony behind us mugging. In my hand is the super-strong margarita that was my apparent undoing). 5 hours later I was one hot mess. WTF?! Seriously, who gets that trashed off of so little booze? Oh, wait...girls who run 18 miles and eat very little during the remainder of the day/night, apparently (I had planned to get a snack at the bar, but the kitchen was closed by the time we walked in at 11:30).

Needless to say, I felt really awful for most of today. And alcohol in lieu of plenty of more hydrating beverages didn't help matters. Today's coffee went down with some Endurolytes capsules and Advil. But I feel much better now. Closing down bars and staying up until after 3am is no longer an activity that my body tolerates well. I thought I learned this lesson a month ago after the Domestic Problems show...guess not, heh.

This afternoon I joined DH and the JDRF cycling crew for their last post-ride party before they head to Killington, VT for the big group ride. Good food and company, though the weather was still a bit nippy for an outdoor picnic/beach party. Doesn't feel at all like August, but I'm not complaining much. This unseasonably cool weather is EXCELLENT for running. I felt so energized during yesterday's cold, rainy run...I was soaked, had pruney toes and squishy shoes...and it was marvelous!

It was nice to have a fun, light weekend. A couple of weeks ago Derek's grandma (89) passed away. She'd been steadily failing in the 5.5 years since his grandfather passed and her quality of life was so poor by the end. She died in hospice care and they kept her so comfortable at the end. This past Thursday was the memorial.

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