Zzzz...wait...wha...? *wipes drool from cheek*

Thank the deities that next week is a scale-back week. My last few higher-mileage weeks capping off my first 200+ mile month are catching up with me...that and not getting enough sleep to recover, apparently. I am TIRED! Next week will feel so good only running ~43 miles. This week I have 55 on the plan, but may cut one run a little short if need be.

It's been fairly humid the last few days, too, which doesn't help matters. My lungs don't tolerate heavy, damp air well at all. In my perfect world the temps will never go over 70ºF (at least not when I am running) and the humidity will always stay <50%. In my perfect world I also wouldn't have asthma, allergies, 20+ extra pounds of body fat, stretch marks, wrinkles, leg/pit hair, dysfunctional uterus and ovaries, zits, or wide feet. Sounds like Nirvana, right?

My long run could be kinda rough this week. I have been really fortunate to be able to do all of my long runs this Summer training cycle during cool, non-muggy weather. This week could be different. Not looking forward to 18 miles in 80º with high humidity. Makes the whole hydration thing a little tricky. One can only go so far on a single 20oz. bottle, but I am loathe to wear the 2 additional 10oz. bottles on my belt. I end up feeling too much like a pack mule while running.

So I'm on my 2nd travel mug of coffee for the day...and that is helping. Phew, so thankful for legal stimulants that also taste really good, heh.

16 months until the aforementioned Last Vegas Marathon (and 1/2) and we already have over 20 of us girls committed to go. I can't wait! We're talking about making custom technical shirts for the day. I have never before found myself eagerly looking forward to the month of December.


  1. I love the heat, but can't imagine running 18 miles in it - esp. with the humidity. Yikes!

    Your marathon in Vegas sounds awesome.

    I love reading about your running. It gives me hope that one day I might be able to do more than the sad little 3 mile runs that I do from time to time.

  2. Regarding the hydration question - can you do your long run on a route that passes a friend's house (or a few loops that pass your own house?)

    I have my parents stow a water bottle in their mailbox. They live about 7 miles away, so they are on a route that I do for my 14-16 mile runs. When I get to their house, I refill my water bottle...