Counting down the days...

Today is Monday. I am planning to do my last 20 mile training run before the Grand Rapids Marathon on either Thurs. or Fri. (whichever day provides better weather, which is currently looking like Thurs.). Phew. I don't think I have EVER been so ready for taper...not so much physically, but mentally. After the last few weeks I can see why some runners have taken hiatuses from running for a few months. I am definitely burned-out. Lost my mojo...meh. Looking back at my log I think what did me in was the 2nd week of Sept. I logged over 10 hours (55.5 miles) of run time that week. This week will have similar mileage...I just need to get through this one. Then I can enjoy 2 weeks of greatly reduced time on the road. Hopefully this will bring both brain and body back around in time for marathon #3 in less than 3 weeks.

But I am thinking this race may be my last full marathon--even if it plays out wildly better than my first 2 (which would be the case if I didn't start cramping around the midway point). I'm realizing that I'd be much better served putting this sort of mileage into shorter distances. 55 miles is considered by many to be bare minimum miles for the marathon. The sort of mileage that allows one to merely complete the distance...not actually race it. My marathon training has made me relatively strong as a half marathoner...finishing at the front half of my age group without even running at 100% effort. But this training puts me solidly at the back of the marathon pack.

Yesterday I ran 11 miles. I had originally planned to run 13, but I barely slogged my way through the reduced workout. I walked a lot. Body felt heavy and sore and the brain wasn't cooperating, either. Today I am planning to run an easy 4. It's crazy windy, so that's fine. Tomorrow's weather looks like it will be the same, unfortunately. I have a 6 mile race tempo run (with 2 mile easy warm-up) scheduled, but we'll see how that goes. Rain and high winds could make that a little rough.

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