What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

Today I booked my first trip to Sin City! This will be the hubby's second jaunt there. We're geeked. It's funny, though...more than talking about entertainment or gambling (we don't gamble...at all. Might have to try my hand at a slot machine just to say I did, though) we are talking about food. OMG, I can't believe how many places there are to eat. And a $25 all-day pass to the buffet at Excaliber...oh, lordy! We could eat all 3 meals there for one day!

We'll be staying 4 nights at New York, New York over our anniversary in late Dec. Still haven't decided what show we'd like to see, but we do know that we want to take a day trip to Death Valley. I've seen mountains and forests and oceans and the Great Lakes...but I've never seen the desert. All that brown with so few trees and green will be very surreal, I'm sure. Really glad I got my new camera. The big DSLR would be a PITA to travel with, but this baby will be ideal for such a trip.

The one downside of our timing is that it won't be particularly warm in Vegas. Pools will be closed, but at least we can lounge in the hot tub. And it will be nice to see days-on-end of sunshine, especially in December.

I'm debating whether I should bother packing running stuff...it will be perfect outdoor running weather, but I'm not sure how practical an idea it would be to run on the Strip. I could always hit a treadmill at the hotel gym...but I HATE dreadmills. Do I really want to take an hour out of my vacation to get on the hamster wheel of death?!

Tomorrow I had planned to run a 5k race about an hour away, but my lungs are still in really miserable condition ever since I picked-up a virus 10 days or so ago (ahh...the joys of asthma and meds that decrease my immune function--not), so I'm thinking I'd be smarter to save my registration fee and gas and sleep-in. I have a 20 miler the day after, so that's the more important run.

I'm definitely at that point in training when I wish the marathon were closer and that it were time to taper. I was feeling pretty strong before that cold got me, but ever since the running has been a struggle. I still have almost 4 weeks and 3 20 milers to go before taper time. Ugh...I am so tired. I have been in hard training or racing mode pretty much since the middle of January and it's definitely starting to kick my ass.

This has me really considering whether or not I will want to do the half or full in Vegas next Dec. It would be cool to do 3 marathons next year...BUT that means extending this sort of training through nearly a full calendar year. I'm not sure I can tolerate that. I don't know how people do many marathons/year year-round. Perhaps they are android, or something. Right now the half in Vegas sounds good. That would leave me in better shape to party with my running girlfriends, too.


  1. I am totally with you on wishing the marathon were sooner. I'm ready for the taper. Trying to figure out when I'm going fit in two 10-milers in the next two days is giving me a headache. Just need to go out there and run. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Aside from running the half marathon there, I have done a couple of training runs and quite enjoy running the strip. I recommend it!

  3. I say run on the strip. I heard a talk given by this guy who walked across Death Valley, great photos as well.