Decisions, decisions...

So it looks like I will be getting my road bike...sooner than I'd originally expected (I was figuring we'd go look in the Spring--as soon as the worst of the snowy crap is beyond us). The hubby wants to go look tomorrow. Ok. Who am I to argue against toy shopping, heh?

I will most likely end up with a Cannondale, as that's the primary brand carried by our family's preferred local bike shop. In reading around it sounds like the Synapse line is probably my best choice based upon the sort of riding I expect to do in the next year or two. I had briefly thought I may look at a couple of the CAAD line, but those are a bit more race-y and probably overly aggressive for me at this point. That model could potentially be kind of uncomfortable for longer rides and on our rough roads, but the Synapse wouldn't sacrifice too much in terms of performance...and would be a comfier ride. I can always upgrade to a more performance-oriented bike in a few years if I end up really loving duathlons and going fast.

Here are the bikes I am hoping to check out. If I can get my hands on a 2009 it would save a bit of money, since they are clearanced-out to make room for the 2010s:
MRAP: $1329 USD

MRAP: $1,449

MRAP: $1,229

All of these bikes are aluminum alloy with carbon forks. Full carbon would be pretty nifty, but would greatly increase the price of the bikes and I doubt I'd really notice the difference as a complete noob. I can go fancier for my next bike. For now we're looking at most bang for the buck. Getting me started isn't going to be super cheap. I have a few random cycling items (already have a helmet and some of my running duds will be fine for a while), but I need shoes and pedals, a cadence sensor and bike adaptor thingy for my Garmin, bottle cages, gloves, etc.

As far as running goes...meh. I skipped my 4 miler yesterday (had to cut another 4 miler earlier in the week due to scheduling conflicts). DH was gone all day on a century ride and getting my run in would have meant bundling up DS and having him come along on his bike. I didn't feel like 4 miles was worth the hassle. I felt no guilt sitting around and not even leaving the house yesterday. Though my past week's mileage was almost literally half of the previous week's miles. So why do my legs still feel shot to Hell?

Today I ran 8. It was pretty mediocre. I had forgotten how much cooler temps seems to make running shoe midsoles feel kinda non-cushy and inflexible. Yuck. Just 3 more easy runs before the Grand Rapids Marathon...just 9 cumulative miles. YES!

This reminds me...the crappy thing about getting my bike NOW is that this week is my taper week, so blasting away on a bike is really not wise. Then next week I will likely not be walking well...forget bicycling. The following week would be the earliest I might be up for a bike ride, but that's taking us into late Oct. Brrr.... I do have plenty of cold weather gear, though. I'll bet if I layered enough that I could do it. I have some really warm Pearl Izumi running tights on order. I could wear cycling shorts under those, a bunch of layers on top, and a windbreaker. Not sure what to do about my hands, though. Most of my running gloves are really lightweight, since after a mile or two my hands are usually hot. This will not be the case on a bike.

Most of my initial "miles" on my bike will be on the trainer. Ugh. Now I get to learn the misery that my hubby endures every Winter. At least when I go run on the treadmill at our little gym I get to be accompanied by a local running buddy. It doesn't make my ass hurt, either. This could really be the ultimate test of my mettle...or not.

But getting the bike this early means that maybe I can consider that duathlon in the Spring. At the very least I should be able to do one as early as June, which would have been questionable if I didn't have a bike until April or so. I will need time on the saddle just to toughen up my butt.


  1. For sure, whichever one holds the most playing cards in the spokes!

  2. Cannondale makes some good bikes. I have a CAAD R600 that I picked up on Ebay a while back. Cannondales seem to run a bit big so make sure the bike shop fits you well to the bike.

    Check www.nashbar.com for some good deals on bike stuff.

  3. Dave, ha!

    Bob, I can't imagine buying a bike off of eBay...it just seems to brave for anything over $100.

    The shop did do a thorough fitting...and apparently I am easy to fit. This does not apply to much other than bicycles, however. I hate shopping for shoes and clothes, heh.

    Yep, Nashbar is popular around here. We have those and Performance Bike catalogs littering the house.