Half Fanatics?

So my super-fast friend Jeff Scovill (the same dude who WON the Grand Rapids Marathon yesterday) kinda made me verbally commit to run Green Bay in May. He's planning to run the full...I'm pretty certain that I'm done with that business at this point, so I would do the half--with the added bonus of finally being able to see him finish a race, instead of being somewhere near the halfway marker when he is catching his breath.

Running at Green Bay would have a few big plusses, not the least of which is the fact that my sister and my nephews live in GB (near the course, apparently) and my folks could come spectate, too.

AND it looks like GB is only 2 weeks before Bayshore. If I did both races I could qualify for the Half Fanatics, which would be really cool. The Half Fanatics is a relatively recent half marathon version of the Marathon Maniacs club. There are varying levels of membership requirement. At the very basic level a person can become a member by completing 2 half marathons in a 16 day period or 3 in 90 days. No problem. The Marathon Maniacs membership requirement is similar...but finishing 2-3 marathons in that span would be a problem for me, heh. 2 in 5 months has about killed me.

My other potential option would be 3 half marathons in a 90 day period, which I could do by running the Oktoberfest race, something a bit later (perhaps Grand Rapids or Mackinac Island Great Turtle), and then Vegas in early Dec. The first and last are already pretty concretely in my plans for 2010, so it would only make sense to try to squeeze something in the middle there. I am really finding so many new goals to look forward to for next year.


  1. I definitely think I'm going to try for at least half fanatic status next year. I think it would be a fun challenge!

  2. Hey Zoomy - DW is about to qualify for the Half Fanatics with 3 HMs in 3 weeks (her match to my 3 Ms in 3 weeks)

    We did Toronto last weekend, Niagara Falls next weekend and Hamilton ON the weekend after.

    Then...rest period...phew.

    Congrats on another, and probably NOT final marathon by the way :)