My hubby will rue the day...

...the day he helped me get this:
2010 Cannondale Synapse Féminine 5
(alloy frame with carbon seatpost and fork)

Note the poorly Photoshopped handlebar tape to estimate the orange colored tape that the shop will "install" once the frame is delivered (not yet sure on ETA, as the shop needs to get it from the company, as their distributor was out of the bike in my size. This is fine, since it will be at least 2 weeks before my body allows me to ride post-marathon). It was only AFTER we left the shop that it occurred to me the inspiration for that color scheme...my favorite beer (brewed less than 2 hours from here):

My husband is quite the enabler. As soon as I had decided upon frame color and tape color he scoured the store for matching water bottles (blue with orange caps). He also had no issues with the price tag on the shoes I am looking at, either. As the shop owner pointed out, I am accustomed to spending $80-100 every few months for a new pair of running kicks. Spending 2-3x that much for cycling shoes that can last for years is really a less expensive venture in the end. Good point. Heh, another enabler!

We purchased some Shimano SPD pedals and I'd match them to Sidi Dominator shoes. These are mountain bike shoes, but essentially the same as one of their models of road shoes and would allow me to walk a small amount in them when necessary. True road shoes and cleats don't really allow this.

DH also picked-out some simple tools and things that I will need on rides, as well as a second (and nicer) trainer and a pair of Winter chamois tights for himself. I grabbed the female version of the gloves he loves and a pair of the Slipstream/Chipotle TdF arm warmers that were in a clearance bin, ha.

I didn't find any other necessary clothing items at the shop that I really wanted/needed. They did have one nice windbreaker, but it was white. How long before that has a permanent road grime stripe up the back? I'm guessing about a week.

I checked out a few online retailers and discovered that Nashbar.com had a great 15% off on 3 items sale, so I nabbed some full-finger gloves, a warm windbreaking softshell jacket that had great reviews all over the net, and an awesome shaggy dog cycling jersey for DS to wear next year. Man, this is gonna be a long Winter.

The bike fitting was an interesting process. I stood over 44 and 48cm models that were the next components package down from the bike we ordered. Educated guess had us thinking the 48 would be the better fit, but we still went through an official sizing process just to verify that belief.

The measurements also concurred with the 48cm model, so this is what we ordered. The shop owner said I was easy to fit (apparently my proportions aren't quite as goofy as I think they are. My torso is still a bit long compared to my legs, but not freakishly so). This is BEFORE we went through trying to fit me into shoes. Heh. Yeah, duck feet kinda suck for running shoes and for cycling shoes. But cycling shoes are MUCH easier to find in small men's sizes in most models, so that worked well. I should be able to wear a men's shoe, which is equivalent in width to a women's wide. The shop didn't have the exact shoes (Sidi Dominator) I would get in-stock, so they will order that size and maybe a half-size larger so that I can play with my Superfeet insoles and stock insoles and know for sure that I am getting the right size for my whacko feet.

Today I enjoyed a nice 3 mile afternoon run with my local running buddy (and it was a good excuse to see her foofy new 12 week old kitten). Boy, I feel shot, though. I struggled to keep a slow pace and the chatter messed with my breathing and left me with a side-ache briefly. I really don't know how I am to manage 26.2 miles in just a few days. I thought taper left me feeling more recovered further out from the race in the past. Perhaps I am not remembering correctly. I hope I get some major mojo in the next few days.


  1. Goodness, you now own more cycling gear than me.

  2. Katie, you must have me beat with that pile of gorgeously garish JDRF jerseys! did has never had to buy a single jersey, which is good...those suckas are $$$.

  3. omg LOVE all the new fun stuff, esp. the arm warmers.