Sick in the Head

'Cause I just spent the last half hour or so looking at potential races for 2010. Yes. I need help...
2/6 - Fremont Frostbite 10k
2/7 - Lake Effect 5k Trail Race
3/27 - Kent City Ridge Run 15k
4/17 - Striders' Classic 10mi.
5/8 - Riverbank Run 25k
5/29 - Bayshore HM
6/12 - NCTR
6/27 - North Muskegon Block 58 Duathlon
8/22 - Ludington Lighthouse Duathlon
9/18 - OBB Oktoberfest HM
10/23 - Great Turtle HM
11/13 - Hoffmaster Trail Run
12/5 - Las Vegas HM

Heh...go ahead, laugh at me. I laugh at me.

A couple of those races I am not 100% in love with. The Fremont race would be kinda iffy (already doing a race the next day), as would be that 10 miler, mostly because too many races gets too $$. And Vegas in Dec. will not be a cheap trip, but it will be so worth it to run with 30 or so running girlfriends. The Oktoberfest race would be out if I can get on a Dances With Dirt relay team. I love the OBB race, but they are only a week apart.

Note the duathlons. Note the lack of marathons. I think 2010 is going to be the year of FUN races and FUN training! My running mileage may not be hugely different on peak weeks, but no more arduous and LONG 20 milers. I would cap my longest runs at 15-17 miles.

Today's 4 miler was quite nice. My legs felt stronger and peppier than they have in weeks. Phew! After the first mile felt good I picked up the pace for the next 2, then maintained a moderately strong pace for the last mile. I doubt I will see sub-4:30 on race day, but perhaps I will come closer than I have felt capable of for the past month or so.

Now I take the next 2 days off, with the exception of an ab workout at some point. Then my last 2 mile run to loosen-up on Saturday before I go to pick up my race packet and bib. Sunday is go day. After that I can enjoy a few months of no pressure, base maintenance miles with a few fun races thrown-in. YES!


  1. Zoomy - Looks good!

    My 2009 potential race calendar had no marathons on it either. Somehow I'm running the NY Marathon in 2 weeks...go figure.

    Good luck this weekend! I'll be rooting for you!!!

  2. Good luck at GR, ZZ! We will be thinking about you! Vegas, eh?

  3. Thanks guys--have a great race, Mike! I can't imagine running with that many people...wow!

    Rick, there are about 30 of us RA gals planning to run Vegas. Probably 2/3 of us will do the HM. You should talk Tammy into running and you could come and cheer!


  4. looks like a good 2010 !! (hubby and I are going to try for b-a-b-y after IMCOZ, so no racing in 2010 for me :( )

  5. *jumping-up-and-down* OMG, a baby! Yeah! You will have to come hang out in the Baby Mamas thread in the LLR. One gal in there just had a positive test this AM!