And it was worth the wait! My ring took about twice as long as the jeweler had predicted, but I LOVE the results. It's not 100% what I would have had done had it been a fully custom job, but that would also have cost probably $300 or so more. Not worth the money, really. I wish the sides were a bit more open (the long sides are still pretty much enclosed in gold), but the underside of the diamond is now cleanable, so that will make it much easier to keep the pretty bling sparkly. And I love that the small side diamonds (which were earrings that belonged to my late maternal grandma) are no longer in prong settings (which didn't match the original ring's design well) and the setting is now all white gold. I NEVER wear yellow gold and have always preferred white. 2-tone was kind of trendy when we got married, but it's admittedly dated now.

The best part of my new ring...how unobtrusive it feels on my finger. That ugly airline tubing spacer always drove me nuts. It made a callus under my finger and collected a lot of dirt. I was always afraid I'd lose my ring, too.

I did have to have the new one resized right away. When I was fitted back in Sept. I must have had a bloated/puffy hand day (in part perhaps because it was more humid and warm that day). The ring had been made a 5.5, but was loose. So the jeweler resized it to a 5. I have surprisingly dainty fingers for a stocky gal. My feminine hands surely don't match my duck feet and cankles.

Speaking of ducks...I had planned to get out on my first post-marathon run today, but decided to hold off for one more. It was windy and pouring most of today and in the 40s (the sort of weather that ducks don't mind, but me...not so much). Lungs are still kinda chunkyfied, so going out in that mess just didn't sound all that appealing. Though I will say that not running for this many days has my legs feeling fabulous.

After my first marathon I only allowed myself 2 full days of rest and it took me over a month before my runs were no longer really uncomfortable. After the last one I gave myself 3 days and found that I felt better about 7-10 days faster. This time I will have had 5 days of rest. I have a feeling that this will really leave me feeling strong and refreshed much sooner. I know several more experienced (and faster) marathoners who swear by taking a full week off, post race. So I don't feel particularly sloth-like or guilty. I am actually really enjoying the prospect of running for pleasure, rather than following a relatively strict training schedule.

I am also REALLY looking forward to the arrival of my 2-wheeled toy. Hopefully it's soon. It will be nice this Winter to stay indoors on the bike trainer if it's really godawful outside...instead of bundling-up in eleventy-hundred layers and running on treacherous roads or dragging myself to the little fitness club. I will likely still join there for a couple of months in the dead of Winter, but more as an excuse to run side-by-side on treadmills with my running buddy...more of a social workout than a workout workout.


  1. Glad to hear you are taking some extra rest. I am all for extra rest! One week won't kill you and you'll feel so refreshed.