Taper Madness!

Ummm...not so much. I don't think I was ever THIS ready to start taper for my previous 2 marathon training cycles. I don't recall being this insanely tired the last 2 times, either. In recent weeks I have taken up an almost daily nap...and I am NOT a napper, generally speaking, but 7-8 hours of sleep/night is simply not enough right now. All the coffee in the world can't get me movin'. I feel like the walking dead (tangent: Zombieland is awesome! Saw it last night and thought it was the funniest thing since The Hangover). I am really thankful that I only have one more double-digit run before race day. Usually the thought of minimal running in any given week would have me kinda twitchy, but this time around I am eagerly awaiting a week with a fraction of my recent mileage. Phew.

2 days ago I ran my final 20 miler (perhaps for forever?). It went OK. Not too bad compared to other runs I have done for that distance. I was able to pick up the pace to predicted race pace for about 4.5 miles. But the months of training at my highest volume ever have really taken their toll. I felt pretty wiped-out for those last few miles.

My only goal on race day (2 weeks, 1 day from now) is to PR. Shouldn't be too difficult if I go out REALLY slow. I'd love it if I could get through the entire race without cramping. Cramping = walking. Walking is significantly slower than running...even running at slow pace. I'm targeting 10:30-10:45 minute miles. My last marathon had me finishing at 10:59 pace, IIRC...but that was with a lot of walking once the cramps were imminent.

After the race I am REALLY looking forward to not training for anything for several months. I have one fun, short trail race about a month after the marathon, but that's it. Man, I miss trail running. I haven't done a whole lot of off-road running since Spring and the June trail relay. I haven't run with my local running buddy in months and I miss that.

I'm really looking forward to the addition of cycling to my workouts next year and already eyeballing a few duathlons. There are 4 in our immediate area (ie within a 2 hour drive). 2 are probably too early in the season for me to contemplate, since I likely won't even have a bike until Spring, which means no way to train for the cycling portion--even with a trainer device--but 2 are later in the Summer. This year I plan to have run close to 1800 miles. Next year I will likely scale-back the running mileage to somewhere in the 1200-1500 range, but will supplement with cycling miles. I've even found a beginner duathlon training plan by that "Coach Troy" Spinervals guy that DH likes to swear at. Looks challenging, yet very doable. I'd like to join the hubby on at least one century ride, too.

In other news, I am still waiting on my wedding ring renovation. The jeweler predicted it would take 2.5-3 weeks, but that was dependent upon how long it would take for them to get the new setting from the manufacturer, so I'm guessing that's the hold-up. Yesterday marked 3 weeks since I dropped-off my original setting, so it should be any day now. I'm getting antsy, though. My left hand feels naked when I leave the house.

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  1. Zoomy - It looks like this marathon training is draining all of the FUN out of running for you. Definitely time to rethink goals so that running becomes the enjoyable release that it was when you started.

    Good luck with the taper, the marathon and getting your running mojo back!