Yesterday was a smiley day. My MIL had DS for the morning, so hubby and I got out on our bikes for my first "long" ride. It was awesome! We rode 30 miles (in about 2.5 hours and averaging about 13mph for the entire ride, which included quite a few stops at cross-streets)...I had only planned to go 26.2 in honor of my friends who ran a brutal marathon in TN, but we would have been close to 28 miles with our noodling around, so DH talked me into an extra couple. It was fabulous! Next time we'll have to get a photo in color...our little point-n-shoot was set on the wrong color balance mode for outdoor shooting and no amount of Photoshopping could fix it. When in doubt, switch to grayscale!

We had one longish stop at a friend's house near the end of our ride and for some reason my Garmin decided to toss the mapping data for the entire ride before that. Bummer. I really wanted to see what it recorded. But I also forgot to have it calculate the lap info. at each mile (I did have it set to beep at the miles, which was fun...takes a LOT longer to hit those alarms while running!). I think I have the settings better customized for rides, now. I also have the auto-pause set to activate any time I go below 3mph. While were standing in my friend's driveway the autopause kept starting and stopping, which I'm guessing was the cause of the data loss from the earlier part of our ride.

That day itself was gorgeous. We were a bit overdressed for temps in the low-to-mid 50s. It's just difficult to comprehend weather like this in November--especially after the past couple of years. My new saddle is definitely a better fit than the narrower, squishier stock saddle that came on my bike. My butt is only a teeny bit annoyed with me today. Clipping in and out of my pedals was no problem and I'm getting better at shifting and keeping my cadence high(er). Having the cadence sensor on my Garmin really helps with that. My Forerunner 305 has definitely paid for itself over the past 2 years. It works perfectly as a running and cycling computer.

Today I ran a peppy 4 miles. I really didn't expect much from my legs after a stretch of workouts that included a 17 mile ride, 10 mile run, and 30 mile ride. Tomorrow I'm planning to do 7-8 miles to make up for the sluggish day of sitting in the car on Weds. If we feel up to waking early, my brother and I may bust out a 5k turkey trot on Thanksgiving Day.

I'm REALLY going to miss my bike in the coming week. With the holiday it's going to be keeping the cats company. We'll be back Sunday in time for hubby to do his first cyclocross race. Next week it's likely that any rides I do will be on the trainer. But the hubs has next Friday off, so if the weather is good I predict another nice roll through the countryside while the rugrat is in school. Woot!

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  1. You look so... different in black and white! Where's our colorful Kirsten?!

    Sounds like a great ride and a wonderful day.

    We've been having crazy warm weather in Iowa too. It's been great - I've actually been consistent about my running for the first time since last year.