Blogging: just another form of procrastination

Here I sit, feeling obligated to type out some randomness, even though there's not much excitement to note at the moment. I really should be gearing-up for a nice run outside. We're supposed to hit ~60º today...YES! It's a full week into November, so anything above the 40s is greatly appreciated. My MIL called last night to report that they had hit 74 in Central IL, yesterday. Wow!

Tomorrow we are predicted to hit the mid-60s, but DH has a cycling event in the afternoon and I doubt I will get motivated enough to run before he leaves at noon, so today will be my day to run. I'm planning to do 8-10...first "long" run since the marathon.

The truly nutso thing is that 10 miles feels so daunting to me at the moment. Seriously, what is up with that? Less than 3 weeks ago I ran 26.2 in a single run...while training for that race a 10 miler was a relatively short run. This weird phenomenon has afflicted me after all 3 of my marathons. Within the span of a couple of weeks I go from 10 miles = easy peasy to 10 miles = LONG. Running really is a mental sport...I think we are all insane.

This glorious weather makes me REALLY wish that my new bike were already here. The scheduled ship date from Cannondale was a few days ago, so I expect that the shop might have it...so the wait now is for them to get my pedals, Garmin Forerunner mounting kit, cadence sensor, and handlebars and tape on. Once ready I will get to go in and have everything adjusted to fit me perfectly. I still need shoes, though. I have ridiculously hard-to-fit duck feet and they were out of the shoes I'd want (a Sidi mountain bike shoe so that I can do a little bit of walking if necessary) in the size I need. Hopefully in the right length they will fit well in width and the heels, otherwise I will have to order something online...and wait some more and still not be sure of fit.

If the shoe issues are not an issue, then I will potentially be ready to roll THIS week...wow! And the forecast looks fairly decent...several days with sun and temps around 50. That's not half-bad. I will still have to bundle-up, some, but I have just enough gear that I can do some cooler weather rides...chamois shorts under wind-blocker tights, a warm cycling jacket, lots of running baselayer stuff, full-fingered cycling gloves, Smartwool running socks, etc.

In a week I am planning to do a favorite little trail race in one of the local state parks. Last year it was my first trail race and I had a blast. I think my legs will be very strong and recovered for this event, assuming I avoid Swine Flu or any other sickies in the meantime. I'm planning to register on race morning, just to be safe.

DS had his H1N1 vaccination a couple of days ago, in the form of the nasal spray. I have been unable to get the vaccine, since all the shots in the county are earmarked for pregnant women and the mist is contraindicated for those with asthma (like me). So I am falling through the vaccination cracks, even though I am in a high risk group. As a result I have been consciously avoiding situations that involve being around large groups of people and washing my hands like I have OCD. I hope we were able to get DS vaccinated in time for him to avoid contracting the virus, too (it takes 10-14 days for the vaccination to offer full protection, so he's still not out of the woods). His best friend had it a week ago, so it's surprising that he is still healthy. Not having Dane be a carrier will cut my risk of getting sick greatly. He has an almost 9 year history of bringing viruses home to mom and dad...the gift that keeps on giving.

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