Feeling a little blue (heh)

Yeah, I gots me some real shoes! Garish, ain't they (I thought I would be getting boring black shoes, but apparently this is what Sidi is doing with their female-specific models...who am I to argue with that)? I played around a bit on the trainer yesterday with the new shoes and pedals. The outer edge of my right foot was really sore...kind of in the peroneal tendon area, which is a region that has been bothersome to me over the years with running, too. I had DH move my cleats back a bit, which may help. I also need to make sure that I am not over-tightening the velcro straps across the forefoot and midfoot area, which could be compressing my duck feet too much and putting pressure on nerves and constricting blood flow and movement. The Superfeet insoles may be a bit of overkill in the support department, too. It's going to take some experiment to get everything comfy, I'm sure. My feet are accustomed to relatively flexible lightweight running shoes and high range-of-motion, so being forced into a motion-free, inflexible position may simply be something that will require strengthening some new muscles.

Note these are MTB shoes, not dedicated road shoes. These will allow me the ability to do a limited amount of walking from bike to ice cream stand to port-a-john, etc. Priorities, you know...

My next challenge is determining if my seat is wide enough. It's a pretty narrow seat and from the rough sit-bone measurements we've attempted it appears that my sit bones are 130-140mm apart. The "cheek zone" at the widest part of my saddle (Cannondale Raven that came with the bike from the factory--I am suspicious that it's a unisex saddle and no different from men's bikes to women's bikes) looks to be more in the range of 120-130mm according to my tape measure...so I feel like I have to slide from side-to-side to keep a single sit-bone on the seat, rather than being able to keep both 'tocks on the seat. And without both sit-bones balanced on the saddle I'm looking at some very painful and numbing longer rides in the future. If my sit bones aren't bearing my weight, then my girly bits will be. Um, no thanks.

Between my sore foot and ass I could only tolerate the trainer ride for 30 minutes yesterday. Can't point to a low tolerance for pain, either...3 marathons, nearly 1700 miles on-foot since the first of the year, and over 2 decades of endometriosis cramps would suggest the opposite.


  1. I would take the superfeet out of the bike shoes.. which, btw, I LOVE ! I think the blue is superfun :)

  2. Yeah, I'm wondering if the Superfeet are overkill. I LOVE them in my running shoes and they fit like they were molded to my feet, but they do potentially cause me to supinate a bit in an already stiff shoe, which I imagine could be the cause of lateral foot soreness.

  3. Very cool shoes! I have 2 pairs of SIDI's and they last forever (unless you have kids and then your shoe size changes)...
    I've also done really well with Terry saddles for women. They are wider and are WAY more comfortable than any unisex seat I've ever tried.

    Good luck with all your new gear!

  4. Yep, I found a good deal on a Selle Italia saddle (their version of the Terry Butterfly) on Nashbar (with a $20 off coupon, too). It can't be more uncomfortable than what's on my bike now.

    Oh, and the shoe size thing...yeah, motherhood really messed up my feet!