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Happy All Saint's Day. If the rest of November is as stunningly beautiful as this first day of the month, we are in for 30 days of far better weather than October handed us. Today it is sunny with ripple-y little clouds and a gentle breeze. No gale force winds and pouring rain like we saw in the last week of Oct. Perhaps I will manage a few late Fall rides on my new bike (which could be here in the next 5 days from the sound of it)...woot! Hope my friends running the New York City Marathon are having an equally perfect day for the race, too!

Yesterday I ran with my local running buddy for 5 miles in the early afternoon. It was windy and cold, but we chose a fairly sheltered route and it wasn't too bad. I am still battling thrush and unresolved asthma issues, so that put a slight damper on an otherwise really nice run. We've not been able to arrange a run together in months due to my marathon training and her kids' crazy extra-curricular schedules earlier in the Fall.

Yeah...the thrush. It appears that my PCP/PA's office has not been prescribing the proper dose of the anti-fungal meds to treat this garbage. Instead of a single 150mg pill (the dosage for the version of thrush that women get "down there") I should be given a script for a 200mg dose the first day followed by 13 days of 100mg (this according to the literature available to medical professionals from the drug manufacturer's site). This past week I have had 2 150mg doses a few days apart and this shit is not budging. I'm really friggin' tired of weeks of my tongue both burning and feeling numb and having a distinct bitter taste in my mouth at all times (yes, it really is just as awesome as it sounds...blech). It's starting to screw with my sleep, too. So tomorrow I get to call my doc's office to tell them that they are doing it wrong. Joy. Gotta be my own advocate, though. High doses of enteric-coated probiotics aren't controlling the thrush overgrowth, so I have to go the meds route if I want any relief.

Overall I feel a bit better after discontinuing both of the steroid meds to treat my allergies and asthma. I've been more sneezy and snorky, but the neti pot helps with that. I no longer feel like I am constantly run-down and on the verge of a cold. This should greatly lessen the potential of future battles with wretched thrush, too. For the asthma I'm going to ask my doctor about the possibility of taking just the long-acting bronchodilator portion of the Advair combined medication I was on. There are greater health risks to using just the single drug (Serevent), instead of the bronchodilator/steroid combo, but the Singulair pill doesn't do much for me and I need to have this controlled (ESPECIALLY with flu bugs all around us). Uncontrolled asthma leads to lung damage, which leads to further asthma issues...it's a vicious cycle. Plus not being able to breathe isn't particularly conducive to running or biking...or sleeping, or living.

Last night's Halloween celebrations were a lot of fun. DS went from wanting to dress as Calvin (as in Calvin & Hobbes Calvin) to wanting to go as a zombie. YES! The zombie costume was a lot more fun to put together and he looked great all made up. We also were able to make good use of a ratty old race t-shirt of mine and some threadbare, outgrown pants of his. I'm particularly impressed by the effect of the blood capsules we purchased.

Too bad he's not quite old enough to watch movies like Zombieland (a bit too intense) or Shaun of the Dead (less intense, but more f-bombs). He has a lot of fun with the notion of zombies (he comes by it honestly).

After trick-or-treating Dane went over to his grandma's for the night, so DH and I went with friends to a local bar that had a live band and a costume contest. None of us felt motivated enough to go in costume, but we had a good time drinking beer, eating pizza, and checking out the costumes of the night. Our favorites were Shrek & Fiona and a really excellent Viking costume, completely with furry boots. Shrek & Fiona won. Least favorite costumes were the big, creepy clown (clowns freak me out) and the Little Bo Peep(show). At a certain age sexy costumes are less "sexy" and more skanky. When your kid is old enough to drink in the bar with you (seriously), perhaps it's time to tone it down on the boudoir-styled costumes (and, please, refrain from getting up on the stage and bending over to shake your ass at the crowd--I'm guessing you didn't check that view beforehand. Ew)...


  1. Great costume for your little zombie! I love it!

    Hope you get the thrush and the asthma under control... that does not sound like fun at all.

    The past couple of days have been beautiful here too. I hope it stays!

  2. Ha! Yes, the concept of "age-appropriate" goes both ways.

    Happy All-Saints day to you, too.