I know that's how the crew of Serenity would describe my new toy (ignore all the crap in the background)...

Today we took Oby/Oberon for her maiden voyage. It was a nice, slow, easy ride for just shy of 11 miles on flat rail trail. Gorgeous, sunny day and a perfect opportunity for me to mess with the shifting mechanism. The paddle shifters are a bit different than the grip shifters I was accustomed to on my ancient POS tank of a mountain bike.

After today it's pretty clear that my past super sore butt and instantly-numb-and-painful "hoo ha" was more the result of a poorly fit bike than any specific seat issues. My backside was a little sore after today's ride, but nothing like what I had experienced in the past. I've always been suspicious that my mountain bike was a bit too big, forcing me to lean too far forward and rest my weight on parts where weight shouldn't be rested, resulting in cycling misery after less than a mile. Today I rode on the stock seat and was much comfier--even with a seat that doesn't have an "anatomically-placed" hole. We may still want to mess with the position a bit, since I sometimes felt like I was sliding forward a little bit and had to scoot my butt back in the saddle, but not enough to bother me a whole lot.

Oby is still waiting for her flashy orange bar tape and will have the triple-crank gearing swapped with a compact double set-up. That should provide smoother shifting and I don't really NEED 30 speeds where we live...our hills are relatively few and far between. On Saturday I will hopefully be picking up my shoes so that we can put the clipless pedals on the bike. Today it was good to use the cheesy toe clips, though. It's been a while since I used clipless pedals and even then I didn't use them all that much before I ended up "with child" and not able to safely bike.

Tomorrow I have one easy 3-4 mile run before Saturday's trail race. It has been months since I ran on a trail, so I hope my legs and feet will be strong on race day. I have a feeling I will be extra sore Saturday evening at the big JDRF end-of-season party. Thank goodness there will be plenty of adult beverages to soothe my aches and pains!


  1. I can't wait to go FAST and cruise down hills when it's hot in the Summer! This is gonna be a LONG Winter! :(

  2. oooh, she's very pretty. I'm jealous. I'd like to get into biking (for more than the 10 mile rides I do with my son in the summer, but have issues with hoo-ha numbness like you mentioned.

    Maybe that's because I have a total POS bike from Target, though. *grin*

    I'm looking forward to reading about your biking adventures!