They should have checked with me before making plans...

It appears that DH's out-of-state 20th HS class reunion is the same weekend as the first duathlon I had hoped to "du," so '10 will likely be a one-duathlon year for me, unfortunately. I was really looking forward to using that first race as sort of a trial-run, then applying lessons-learned to training for the 2nd one 2 months later. Ah, well, such is life. The other nice thing about that first race is that it takes place close to home and on familiar roads, which would have been nice. Guess I can save that for the following year--hopefully my own 20th in '11 won't end up on that weekend, too.

Today the hubby is on the "Chilly Chili" ride. It's not particularly chilly, though. I think it's in the mid-60s. Pretty toasty for early November in these parts. Perhaps they should have planned on ice cream after the ride, instead of a Chili cook-off party. I am uber-jealous of the riders, today. My bike should be ready any day. Today would have been a great day for a ride and I'm sure 30 miles would have been totally doable for me, too. Instead I think I will go purge my closet some and tackle the monster mountain of clean laundry that needs to be put away. Wow, that's almost as much fun as cycling and chili-eating, right?

Yesterday I managed my first double-digit mileage run since the marathon 3 weeks ago. Sheesh, it's kinda crazy how out-of-shape I feel. That 10 was somewhat challenging and just felt so L-O-N-G (but with the gorgeous weather I couldn't not go the distance...it was perfect running weather and who knows how much longer we'll be treated with this). Granted, I am still not 100% recovered from the race. But my lungs also made the run a bit challenging. Unfortunately it's likely only a matter of time before I am back on steroidal asthma meds. Ugh. Hopefully I can try a form of metered dose inhaler with a spacer, rather than the inhaled powder type. The powdered form is reported to make a user much more prone to thrush issues than are the liquid mist MDI units with a spacer chamber device, which gets more med into the lungs and less coating the throat and mouth surfaces.

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  1. that ride sounds like a lot of fun .. don't worry, you'll have plenty of fun rides to du !