6 more days!

Less than that, actually. In 6 days we'll probably be walking the strip and looking at the lights of Vegas. I cannot wait! I was surprised to look at the forecast and see how cold the nights are, though. Mid-30s...that's not all that much warmer than what we are used to here. I wish my Winter coat weren't so bulky--I almost think I'd want to wear it in the evenings, but I am sure I won't have room to pack it. I guess I could just wear it on the plane(s) and take it off to hold on my lap if I am too warm. Hubby says we will likely drink enough adult beverages that we won't notice the cold. And he's probably right.

Good lord, though...speaking of the booze. In the past week I drank WAY too much eggnog. Eggnog with dark rum. And I wonder why my fat jeans are snug and my skinny jeans are no-way-in-hell-chubby-bitch. I was supposed to weigh-in today in the weight-loss group on RunningAHEAD...but, um, I am sorta in denial. Or mostly just embarrassed. I will lose a couple of pounds and then celebrate...with a few pounds. Dammit.

To add to things, Saturday night my 2 closest gal pals and I got together for a run (just over 5.5 miles), got cleaned-up, then went out for dinner...then drinks. That was not a low calorie evening. At all. But it was so worth it to have a girls' night out, even the really horrible cover band at the bar was worth it. Such a fun evening.

So now I am paying...in the form of running and biking miles. Last night I did just shy of 9 miles on the trainer, today I ran close to 5 miles, tomorrow I will ride on the trainer again...maybe as far as 15 miles if my butt will tolerate it.

Tonite's run was with one of my friends, then we're planning to run again on Weds. Since DH is working, but DS is home on break I have to wait until evening to run. Running in the dark is sort of cool, but also a little unnerving. It's fun with a friend, but I've never really liked it solo.

Before we leave for Vegas I should be hitting 1800 miles for the year (I am less than 9 from goal, right now). Then I will likely be hanging up the running shoes until 2010. I'm not planning to bring any running gear to Vegas, since I doubt I will get up early enough to avoid crowds on the Strip.


Gonna be the death of me...

What, you might ask? Eggnog. More specifically, eggnog + Bacardi Select rum. OMG, Nirvana! Portion control is difficult, since it is so tasty. It is also SO high in calories. Ugh. 'Tis the season. I figure the good eggnog (ie the stuff with mostly natural ingredients) will be gone from stores soon, so gotta indulge while I can. I should probably run and bike as much as is humanly possible in the next couple of weeks, too. Ugh.

I recently got a new cell phone. My old one looks like that one at left, only in red. I really loved that phone for nearly 2 years...but all my friends and family text. That phone was useless for texting. And the hinge (it swivels open and closed like a switchblade) had gotten loose enough over the years to start wanting to open in larger pockets (like the wide pocket on the back of one of my favorite running tops). It also wasn't holding a charge like it once had (though better than most of my past phones at the same age).

After looking at the other choices available to me from Verizon I settled upon the Samsung Alias 2. I like that neat e-ink keypad feature, as well as the brand. My previous phone is the most reliable and durable phone I have owned, so staying with Samsung seemed like a good choice.
The new phone is quite a bit larger and heavier than my old one, but I'm hoping that's not too bothersome while running. I found that I couldn't clip my small Juke phone to the waist of some bottoms (like my running skirts) or wear in the side pocket without it being too heavy...so if I have to wear things in a rear shirt pocket or stick to compression shorts, then I might as well get a more useful phone, anyhow. And the camera on it is FAR better than what the Juke had. It can do 30 second video clips, too, which my Juke could not. These features could prove very useful on the run...especially since I can upload them directly to Facebook, which is extra fun. I never bothered texting anything to FB before.

I am very happy with it. Great for texting, though 250 texts/month is obviously not going to be sufficient. If we pay an extra $5/month I would have 500 AND any texts sent or received between Verizon or Alltel phones are freebies, so it seems logical to do that, since just about everyone I text is one one of those 2 carriers.

Today I ran 4 miles...it was chilly. Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder with windchill, so I think I will take that opportunity to ride the "nowhere bike" on the trainer. Weather should warm-up for the weekend, so I can get road miles on-foot, then.

12 more days until Vegas...ahh...that sunshine and warmer temps are going to be SO nice!


I have a problem

My problem is my "drug pushers," Rick & Tammy. I think I should at least move the (now less than) 3# bag into the kitchen, instead of next to my keyboard.

I need to exact my revenge in some way...perhaps cookies with dried cranberries shipped back to the other side of the state would be fitting. *evil grin*

Thanks, guys, that was really a fun package to open yesterday. I love that you guys saw a massive bag of Craisins and thought of me.

In more happy and awesome news, our nasty, frigid Winter weather system has passed, replaced by blue skies with random foofy clouds and melting snow. Yes! Can't wait to get out for more than 4 miles. Yesterday was miserably cold and windy, so my planned 4-5 ended up cut down to 3, as my lungs could not tolerate the frigid air. Dane had 2 consecutive snow days this week, so my running mileage has been pretty low for this week. I did get 2 good rides in on the bike trainer, though. It's not as awful as I would have thought. I'm getting pretty hooked on CSI marathons on Spike TV, too.

I have about 50 more miles to run to hit 1800 miles for the year. As long as weather is not too horrid it should not be a problem to hit the mileage goal before we leave for Vegas on the 27th (though I may be doing some nighttime runs in the dark, as hubby is still working part of Christmas week and I'll be home with the rugrat). I'm not planning to run while we are there. I'd have to get up early to not deal with crowds on the strip, which I'm just not expecting will happen.

There is a good chance that this December will be the only month this year that I don't log at least 100 miles. But I have at least one 200 miler month logged this year and I have been putting in a few miles here and there on the bike indoors, so I don't feel too sluggish or guilty.


3 Weeks!

In a mere 21 days I will be basking in the Vegas sun...ahhh...I think by then I will be sick to death of the cold, dreary Michigan Winter. Bah, who am I kidding? I am already sick of MI Winter and it's not even technically Winter...and this has, thus far, been the mildest late Fall in recent memory.

Finally getting caught-up on some of the photos I took last weekend, at DH's first cyclocross race. I got a couple of really good ones of him. That one at left was taken during his last lap, I think. They cut the race a bit short due to the miserable weather (sideways rain, really cold). We were all pretty chilled after that, but it was totally fun. I think next time I photograph a race I will bring my big DSLR. The point-n-shoot is convenient, but not really ideal for catching fast action. Hmmmm...perhaps I need a Canon "L" lens if I am going to make a habit of photographing the hubby's races, too, heh. *evil grin*

This photo was really fun...taken during his warm-up. Apparently even the warm-up lap hurts. And these nutty people think that I should give it a try (you know, because I run trails and now bike...sure, cyclocross seems like a logical fit...for a friggin' sadist, maybe)! I think I'd run another marathon before I'd do that sort of craziness...it'll be a cold day in Hell! Road duathlons...yeah, that sounds more my speed. Bikes are for riding, not for carrying and riding in the mud.

Yesterday I ran 10 easy miles. It was mostly a nice run, though there were some slick spots from a light layer of ice with a dusting of snow. Not enough to work with YakTrax, but still a little hairy in spots. The day before that I rode just shy of 13 on my bike on the indoor trainer. Good gawd, that is boring. Even with DH next to me and a couple of episodes of Firefly on the bigscreen...it was still pretty monotonous. But I was happy to find that the cycling has thus far not negatively affected my running. The two activities should really benefit one-another. And the size of my ass (I hope).

Today we took some photos outside for our Holiday card. I also got around to getting a few good shots of "Oberon." Isn't she pretty with the appropriate beverages in her bottle cages?

Our holiday photo includes all TWELVE of the bicycles belonging to this household, including a beast of a cheap tandem mountain bike, which the guys of the house pedaled around the yard. That was quite a sight!

The holiday crunch is certainly upon us...once I get our card and my mom's done I need to write my annual letter, mail cards, finish shopping, wrapping, getting my Secret Santa gift shipped to my giftee, and all the other assorted holiday madness is starting to pile-up. I love the season, but it seems that every year I end up feeling bogged-down by all the "stuff" that has to get done. And we STILL have to get the tree up. Gah!


It's Coming!

*whimpers* Yeah...snow. In the next couple of days we have snow in the forecast. Granted, it apparently snowed while we were in IL for Thanksgiving, but since I didn't see it here, it doesn't count. We saw snow at my brother's place, too, but it was gone pretty quickly once the sun rose.

I'm really not ready for it. Yes, we had an especially mild November, so we're due for some more typical West MI late Fall yuck...but I don't want it. As a kid I loved Winter. Now I barely tolerate it. I don't like the cold, I don't like the days upon endless days of cloud cover, and I don't even like the snow all that much. Perhaps if we had season passes to a ski area I would look differently at Winter, but we don't...so I don't.

Running in snow is fun for a mile or two, then it becomes drudgery. And the ice often lurking below the snow makes it downright dangerous at times. And the eleventy-hundred layers of running gear that make for large loads of wash every couple of days and the chapped, peeling nose from wiping/blowing the constant snot faucet...meh.

This year my dread of snow and cold is perhaps at its greatest. My pretty road bike has only seen 2 outdoor rides. The weather lately has been quite nice for riding, but I'm limited to riding when the hubby is available to go with me (and someone can watch the rugrat--so pretty much only on the every-other Friday that DH is off work and the monkey is at school). I'd love to go out on my own, but at this early stage in the game it's probably unwise. I need some lessons in how to do simple mid-ride fixes and a knowledgeable rider there to make sure that if I get stuck with something that I won't end up stranded in BFE (ie out of cell phone range) with my sweaty bod increasingly becoming at risk of hypothermia.

DH has this Friday off, but the predicted high temp is 30 and we're supposed to have snow. I could probably tolerate the cold part, but I'm thinking my skinny, slick road bike tires would be a no-go. Too bad I can't slap my YakTrax onto my bicycle tires...

Speaking of snow tires...I don't think it will be long before the "all season" performance tires come off my car in favor of the snows. Though driving my little Mazda 3 with Bridgestone Blizzaks is pretty fun. That car is nearly unstoppable with those tires, as long as the snow is not so deep that I completely bottom-out (which is rare, even in these parts--at least on the main roads). I never got the hype surrounding snow tires until I bought a car that can't take standard all-season tires. Seriously, dedicated snow tires are the cat's meow. I can't even get my ABS to kick-in most of the time, unless I am on glare ice.

25 days 'til Vegas! I'm really getting excited, now! Yesterday I hit TJ Maxx, Target, Kohls (I never find anything there...yet I always feel obligated to pop in) and Old Navy in search of some cheap, new duds for the trip (BTW, why is it when I want a cute denim skirt to wear with garishly striped knee-high socks they are virtually impossible to find?). Picked-up a few items and returned home to find the hubby bummed that I never buy anything for him. This was puzzling...he never expressed any interest in me shopping for him. So today I returned to ON and for <$60 I got him 4 nice long-sleeved shirts and a sweater that is nearly identical in color to one I have--we can be twinsies! *snort*