3 Weeks!

In a mere 21 days I will be basking in the Vegas sun...ahhh...I think by then I will be sick to death of the cold, dreary Michigan Winter. Bah, who am I kidding? I am already sick of MI Winter and it's not even technically Winter...and this has, thus far, been the mildest late Fall in recent memory.

Finally getting caught-up on some of the photos I took last weekend, at DH's first cyclocross race. I got a couple of really good ones of him. That one at left was taken during his last lap, I think. They cut the race a bit short due to the miserable weather (sideways rain, really cold). We were all pretty chilled after that, but it was totally fun. I think next time I photograph a race I will bring my big DSLR. The point-n-shoot is convenient, but not really ideal for catching fast action. Hmmmm...perhaps I need a Canon "L" lens if I am going to make a habit of photographing the hubby's races, too, heh. *evil grin*

This photo was really fun...taken during his warm-up. Apparently even the warm-up lap hurts. And these nutty people think that I should give it a try (you know, because I run trails and now bike...sure, cyclocross seems like a logical fit...for a friggin' sadist, maybe)! I think I'd run another marathon before I'd do that sort of craziness...it'll be a cold day in Hell! Road duathlons...yeah, that sounds more my speed. Bikes are for riding, not for carrying and riding in the mud.

Yesterday I ran 10 easy miles. It was mostly a nice run, though there were some slick spots from a light layer of ice with a dusting of snow. Not enough to work with YakTrax, but still a little hairy in spots. The day before that I rode just shy of 13 on my bike on the indoor trainer. Good gawd, that is boring. Even with DH next to me and a couple of episodes of Firefly on the bigscreen...it was still pretty monotonous. But I was happy to find that the cycling has thus far not negatively affected my running. The two activities should really benefit one-another. And the size of my ass (I hope).

Today we took some photos outside for our Holiday card. I also got around to getting a few good shots of "Oberon." Isn't she pretty with the appropriate beverages in her bottle cages?

Our holiday photo includes all TWELVE of the bicycles belonging to this household, including a beast of a cheap tandem mountain bike, which the guys of the house pedaled around the yard. That was quite a sight!

The holiday crunch is certainly upon us...once I get our card and my mom's done I need to write my annual letter, mail cards, finish shopping, wrapping, getting my Secret Santa gift shipped to my giftee, and all the other assorted holiday madness is starting to pile-up. I love the season, but it seems that every year I end up feeling bogged-down by all the "stuff" that has to get done. And we STILL have to get the tree up. Gah!

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