6 more days!

Less than that, actually. In 6 days we'll probably be walking the strip and looking at the lights of Vegas. I cannot wait! I was surprised to look at the forecast and see how cold the nights are, though. Mid-30s...that's not all that much warmer than what we are used to here. I wish my Winter coat weren't so bulky--I almost think I'd want to wear it in the evenings, but I am sure I won't have room to pack it. I guess I could just wear it on the plane(s) and take it off to hold on my lap if I am too warm. Hubby says we will likely drink enough adult beverages that we won't notice the cold. And he's probably right.

Good lord, though...speaking of the booze. In the past week I drank WAY too much eggnog. Eggnog with dark rum. And I wonder why my fat jeans are snug and my skinny jeans are no-way-in-hell-chubby-bitch. I was supposed to weigh-in today in the weight-loss group on RunningAHEAD...but, um, I am sorta in denial. Or mostly just embarrassed. I will lose a couple of pounds and then celebrate...with a few pounds. Dammit.

To add to things, Saturday night my 2 closest gal pals and I got together for a run (just over 5.5 miles), got cleaned-up, then went out for dinner...then drinks. That was not a low calorie evening. At all. But it was so worth it to have a girls' night out, even the really horrible cover band at the bar was worth it. Such a fun evening.

So now I am paying...in the form of running and biking miles. Last night I did just shy of 9 miles on the trainer, today I ran close to 5 miles, tomorrow I will ride on the trainer again...maybe as far as 15 miles if my butt will tolerate it.

Tonite's run was with one of my friends, then we're planning to run again on Weds. Since DH is working, but DS is home on break I have to wait until evening to run. Running in the dark is sort of cool, but also a little unnerving. It's fun with a friend, but I've never really liked it solo.

Before we leave for Vegas I should be hitting 1800 miles for the year (I am less than 9 from goal, right now). Then I will likely be hanging up the running shoes until 2010. I'm not planning to bring any running gear to Vegas, since I doubt I will get up early enough to avoid crowds on the Strip.


  1. You can actually go for a run before 10:00 a.m. and you will avoid the crowds. Running up and down the strip is a surreal experience that you should try!

  2. Have fun in Vegas Kirsten!!!! Tell everyone hi for me!!!