Gonna be the death of me...

What, you might ask? Eggnog. More specifically, eggnog + Bacardi Select rum. OMG, Nirvana! Portion control is difficult, since it is so tasty. It is also SO high in calories. Ugh. 'Tis the season. I figure the good eggnog (ie the stuff with mostly natural ingredients) will be gone from stores soon, so gotta indulge while I can. I should probably run and bike as much as is humanly possible in the next couple of weeks, too. Ugh.

I recently got a new cell phone. My old one looks like that one at left, only in red. I really loved that phone for nearly 2 years...but all my friends and family text. That phone was useless for texting. And the hinge (it swivels open and closed like a switchblade) had gotten loose enough over the years to start wanting to open in larger pockets (like the wide pocket on the back of one of my favorite running tops). It also wasn't holding a charge like it once had (though better than most of my past phones at the same age).

After looking at the other choices available to me from Verizon I settled upon the Samsung Alias 2. I like that neat e-ink keypad feature, as well as the brand. My previous phone is the most reliable and durable phone I have owned, so staying with Samsung seemed like a good choice.
The new phone is quite a bit larger and heavier than my old one, but I'm hoping that's not too bothersome while running. I found that I couldn't clip my small Juke phone to the waist of some bottoms (like my running skirts) or wear in the side pocket without it being too heavy...so if I have to wear things in a rear shirt pocket or stick to compression shorts, then I might as well get a more useful phone, anyhow. And the camera on it is FAR better than what the Juke had. It can do 30 second video clips, too, which my Juke could not. These features could prove very useful on the run...especially since I can upload them directly to Facebook, which is extra fun. I never bothered texting anything to FB before.

I am very happy with it. Great for texting, though 250 texts/month is obviously not going to be sufficient. If we pay an extra $5/month I would have 500 AND any texts sent or received between Verizon or Alltel phones are freebies, so it seems logical to do that, since just about everyone I text is one one of those 2 carriers.

Today I ran 4 miles...it was chilly. Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder with windchill, so I think I will take that opportunity to ride the "nowhere bike" on the trainer. Weather should warm-up for the weekend, so I can get road miles on-foot, then.

12 more days until Vegas...ahh...that sunshine and warmer temps are going to be SO nice!


  1. cell phone shopping is such a pain! I got suckered into a crack-err-blackberry last time! Now I'm addicted to it and the phone bill is NOT PRETTY!

  2. Ahhh...yes. My hubby ended up with an HTC Eris Android phone (in his heart I think he'd prefer an iPhone, but AT&T coverage in our area is very spotty). For a brief moment I considered one, too. DH actually seemed to think it would be fun if we had the same phone (you know, at least until one of us picks up the other's phone and takes it to work), but 2 data plans would be $$. And mostly I will use mine for calls and texts. I don't need mobile internet...maybe with my next phone in 2 years, if prices come down by then.

  3. I sooo need a new phone. I'm currently using one that's furnished by my job, but it doesn't even have a camera (gasp!). Of course it needs to be small and light enough to take on a run!

  4. That's my phone! I absolutely LOVE it! It's awesome for texting.

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  6. OMG.... your "No Swim, Bike, Run" graphic is HILARIOUS!!!! I love it! Seriously, my swim is my strength in triathlon, but I HATE training for it. It's such a logistical pain in ass to me. I would probably prefer to be a duathlete! LOL!

    I can't wait to read about how your Du goes later in 2010. I've never tried a Du; most tri folks express how HARD they are b/c pacing in that first run leg is so important. It's definitely something on my list to 'try' though, but I think I'll let you go first. :o)