I have a problem

My problem is my "drug pushers," Rick & Tammy. I think I should at least move the (now less than) 3# bag into the kitchen, instead of next to my keyboard.

I need to exact my revenge in some way...perhaps cookies with dried cranberries shipped back to the other side of the state would be fitting. *evil grin*

Thanks, guys, that was really a fun package to open yesterday. I love that you guys saw a massive bag of Craisins and thought of me.

In more happy and awesome news, our nasty, frigid Winter weather system has passed, replaced by blue skies with random foofy clouds and melting snow. Yes! Can't wait to get out for more than 4 miles. Yesterday was miserably cold and windy, so my planned 4-5 ended up cut down to 3, as my lungs could not tolerate the frigid air. Dane had 2 consecutive snow days this week, so my running mileage has been pretty low for this week. I did get 2 good rides in on the bike trainer, though. It's not as awful as I would have thought. I'm getting pretty hooked on CSI marathons on Spike TV, too.

I have about 50 more miles to run to hit 1800 miles for the year. As long as weather is not too horrid it should not be a problem to hit the mileage goal before we leave for Vegas on the 27th (though I may be doing some nighttime runs in the dark, as hubby is still working part of Christmas week and I'll be home with the rugrat). I'm not planning to run while we are there. I'd have to get up early to not deal with crowds on the strip, which I'm just not expecting will happen.

There is a good chance that this December will be the only month this year that I don't log at least 100 miles. But I have at least one 200 miler month logged this year and I have been putting in a few miles here and there on the bike indoors, so I don't feel too sluggish or guilty.


  1. Hitting goals is always such a great feeling, especially when you have worked the entire year to meet them. Great work!