It's Coming!

*whimpers* Yeah...snow. In the next couple of days we have snow in the forecast. Granted, it apparently snowed while we were in IL for Thanksgiving, but since I didn't see it here, it doesn't count. We saw snow at my brother's place, too, but it was gone pretty quickly once the sun rose.

I'm really not ready for it. Yes, we had an especially mild November, so we're due for some more typical West MI late Fall yuck...but I don't want it. As a kid I loved Winter. Now I barely tolerate it. I don't like the cold, I don't like the days upon endless days of cloud cover, and I don't even like the snow all that much. Perhaps if we had season passes to a ski area I would look differently at Winter, but we don't...so I don't.

Running in snow is fun for a mile or two, then it becomes drudgery. And the ice often lurking below the snow makes it downright dangerous at times. And the eleventy-hundred layers of running gear that make for large loads of wash every couple of days and the chapped, peeling nose from wiping/blowing the constant snot faucet...meh.

This year my dread of snow and cold is perhaps at its greatest. My pretty road bike has only seen 2 outdoor rides. The weather lately has been quite nice for riding, but I'm limited to riding when the hubby is available to go with me (and someone can watch the rugrat--so pretty much only on the every-other Friday that DH is off work and the monkey is at school). I'd love to go out on my own, but at this early stage in the game it's probably unwise. I need some lessons in how to do simple mid-ride fixes and a knowledgeable rider there to make sure that if I get stuck with something that I won't end up stranded in BFE (ie out of cell phone range) with my sweaty bod increasingly becoming at risk of hypothermia.

DH has this Friday off, but the predicted high temp is 30 and we're supposed to have snow. I could probably tolerate the cold part, but I'm thinking my skinny, slick road bike tires would be a no-go. Too bad I can't slap my YakTrax onto my bicycle tires...

Speaking of snow tires...I don't think it will be long before the "all season" performance tires come off my car in favor of the snows. Though driving my little Mazda 3 with Bridgestone Blizzaks is pretty fun. That car is nearly unstoppable with those tires, as long as the snow is not so deep that I completely bottom-out (which is rare, even in these parts--at least on the main roads). I never got the hype surrounding snow tires until I bought a car that can't take standard all-season tires. Seriously, dedicated snow tires are the cat's meow. I can't even get my ABS to kick-in most of the time, unless I am on glare ice.

25 days 'til Vegas! I'm really getting excited, now! Yesterday I hit TJ Maxx, Target, Kohls (I never find anything there...yet I always feel obligated to pop in) and Old Navy in search of some cheap, new duds for the trip (BTW, why is it when I want a cute denim skirt to wear with garishly striped knee-high socks they are virtually impossible to find?). Picked-up a few items and returned home to find the hubby bummed that I never buy anything for him. This was puzzling...he never expressed any interest in me shopping for him. So today I returned to ON and for <$60 I got him 4 nice long-sleeved shirts and a sweater that is nearly identical in color to one I have--we can be twinsies! *snort*


  1. Do you have my parents phone numbers? You know they are right there, right? (I've called Dad once for 1) running out of gas and 2) getting a flat - he picked me up both times!)

    Heck - a nice five miler from your house to theirs and back (or Nic' grandparents - make it 10!) would keep you on fairly calm roads, a few miles from people, with cell phone coverage and ON YOUR BIKE!

    Go for it, girl! You can do it.

  2. Ooh, now there's a sneaky thought. It's funny now that I have the potential to get stranded in BFE. I can recall at least 3x driving out to find did with catastrophic tire issues. Perhaps I need him to repay some favors. *evil grin*

  3. Easy socks + denim skirt?

    Make the skirt out of a pair of old jeans. Make it easy and go for the whole "deconstructed" look by leaving the seams unfinished. And Ebay has some fabulous striped sock sellers :)

  4. Oh, I have the socks...these:

    I just had a dickens of a time finding a denim skirt. Skirts, in general, seem tough to find for some reason right now. Even TJ Maxx had almost none and usually that's one place where I can always rely on a good selection.

    I've wondered about the skirts made from jeans thing. They look cute, but usually they have to be pretty short, right? I was looking for knee-length since I'm old and it's cold here. *snort* Plus I can't sew to safe my life.