Goodnight, Moon

Tonight is technically the full moon, but last night (technically, this morning) I was WIDE awake. Full moon seems to bother me even when it's overcast, but last night it was clear and like daylight with the moon reflecting off the snow. Very pretty, but made it tough sleeping. Coffee was EXTRA welcome this AM!

I didn't end up doing my planned bike trainer ride yesterday. The original plan was to run 4-5 miles outdoors, then come in and change into my cycling shorts and ride for an hour. Plans changed. DS forgot his gym shoes and rather than be mean mom I bailed him out by running, showering, then driving 35 minutes each way to his school. I figured DH and I would get our ride in later...but later never happened.

My new Photoshop CS4 software arrived, so I installed that and then decided that it was the ideal opportunity to calibrate my monitor, which didn't go as smoothly as planned. It took a lot of nudging and tweaking to get things back where they belong.

After that I got a bug up my butt to renovate my blog design (to match the colors on my bicycle, of course), so that took up the rest of the night. But I did stumble upon a fabulous background tile generator. I was so impressed that I Paypal'd the guy $5 to help cover his hosting fees. I'm always happy to help support Art.

It's just as well that I didn't get the ride in...it's probably not a good idea at this point for me to be significantly increasing my bike mileage for more than 3 consecutive weeks.

Today I'm heading out for a relaxing 8 miler with a local friend. Runs with friends always fly by. Runs alone with my iPod can sometimes drag. Running with others is fun multi-tasking...we get our workouts in while having some social time. There are definitely weeks where we wouldn't have the opportunity or time to do both separately.

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