No turning back, now...

Last night I registered for my first sprint duathlon (5k run, 30k bike, 5k run), on 4/25. Prior to doing this I looked at last year's results. I am anticipating bringing up the rear, but not being absolutely last...I hope.

My biggest concern is navigating around 100+ other participants (last year there were ~110). In running races the risk of collision is minimal...and even if 2 runners bump into one another, the damage is generally not even bruise-inducing. The potential for great bodily harm during a cycling event, however...ack! And I am already a klutz. My only hope is that should I crash that I don't take any innocents out with me.

My 11 week training cycle starts on 2/7. I'm really looking forward to better weather for increasingly long bike workouts. Thankfully this Winter has not been bad for outdoor running workouts (unlike last year).

Yesterday I also registered for the Ultimate Cycle Challenge on Feb. 20. I will be pedaling for 2 hours, as will my hubby. Click on JDRF West Michigan to donate in support of our team.


  1. Just saw your comment from HEATHER's blog about team estrogen. thx for the tip!

  2. No prob...glad I could help! I really like the site. I belong to a great running support board, too, but there's not a lot of info. there for those who do multisport stuff. Nice that TE is just for us gals, too. A much less testosterone-heavy sort of environment. :)

  3. Look at your schedule!! Is your hubby loving the fact that you share his love for two wheeled gadgets that you peddle? I'm so proud of you K!! I wonder if I could get to Vegas for your 1/2 marathon. I have the whole year to plan is for God's sake ;)

  4. Oh, Ana...if you came to Vegas I would be ecstatic! Heck, if you started training now you could even run it! I ran my first half about 9 months after I started running. *evil grin*

    Derek is pretty geeked that I'm biking...I think in part because now I can go along on some of those long Sunday group rides and not be crabby when he is gone for 6 hours or more.