No wonder I'm tired...

2010 at a glance...

1/24/2010 — 1/30/2010: 10.1 Mi (+ ~13 more planned miles for the week)
1/17/2010 — 1/23/2010: 25.3 Mi
1/10/2010 — 1/16/2010: 32.1 Mi
1/3/2010 — 1/9/2010: 30.2 Mi

1/24/2010 — 1/30/2010: 28.9 Mi (+ ~12-13 before the end of the week)
1/17/2010 — 1/23/2010: 33.7 Mi
1/10/2010 — 1/16/2010: 21.0 Mi
1/3/2010 — 1/9/2010: 18.5 Mi

As you can see my running mileage is pretty much holding steady, with even a bit of a decrease since I decided to scale back on my miles for this year.

But the cycling...I'm starting to "crank things up." Even though I dropped the resistance on the trainer a hair this week I think it would be in my best interest to let myself plateau for a bit. No sense breaking myself before I even officially begin duathlon training. When I started running I couldn't increase increase increase for weeks on end without letting my fitness catch-up. Guess this is just as true with cycling. Today is my weekly rest day and I really feel pretty much good-fer-nuthin'.

Today I am thankful that I have no running on the schedule. It is cold and nasty out there...windy, snowy, -3 windchill. Gross. Tomorrow will be similar, but with less wind. 4-5 miles shouldn't be too miserable. I also hope to get an hour on the bike trainer in the evening with my hubby. Perhaps we should consider a Netflix subscription for all of these indoor rides.

Saturday I'm hoping to do maybe 8 miles...no "long" double-digit run this week, since I have done a long run every week this year. This week is a bit of a scale-back. Saturday is predicted to have a high of 22 with light winds...it's a heat wave!


  1. haha that shirt is too funny :) Keep up the good work!

  2. Netflix is the greatest thing ever invented for trainer rides. I used both the movies they will send out and the downloadable ones. I just put a DVR into the room where I do most of the trainer rides too. You got to have that mental stimulation one way or another!