'Tis better to give than to receive...

I have been involved with the fundraising end of Girls on the Run (SoleMates/Team Tiara) for several years as a complement to my running, but now that I am adding cycling to the mix I have an opportunity to raise money for the Livestrong®/Lance Armstrong Foundation via the Ultimate Cycle Challenge on Feb. 19-20. The UCC is a 24 hour team event. Each rider chooses the length of time he/she feels able to complete in order to have a rider from each team pedaling for the duration. My hubby has taken part in this event a couple of times. This year I plan to join the team and take over a 1-2 hour block.

Information re: where/how to make donations will be available soon. My goal is to kick my hubby's butt on the fundraising end of things, since I can't do that on the bike. He's kind of a cycling freak of nature. It takes me 25% more time to cover the same distance.

Speaking of Girls on the Run and fundraising, just a few days ago my efforts were acknowledged in a press release in our local paper from our county's GOTR chapter.

We don't even receive the local paper...but I have Google set to alert me any time my name shows up on the 'net. That was a pretty pleasant surprise. Mostly I am happy to see a local publication giving some well-deserved publicity to the Sole Mates fundraising program connected to GOTR. In the past they have had a difficult time convincing the larger regional newspaper to publish their press releases. Unfortunate, given all the drivel that paper has been known to print.


  1. When I click on the link for the Challenge all I get is their logo. Where is this being held?

  2. Oops, meant to grab the site URL, instead I pasted the image link. There it is, now.