Winter Doldrums

Meh. It's January. I have no motivation to do much more than hit the bare minimum mileage to meet 1500 running miles for the year. Biking I'm not to worried about...I know those miles (also shooting for 1500 in the saddle) will be easy to rack-up come warmer weather and clear roads. Days on end of snow and ice-covered roads and cold temps have not helped the lack of Mojo. I'm starting to feel the physical effects of those slippery miles, too. My knees always grumble from all of the extra twisting on loose snow.

I gotta keep at it, though. A friend has sorta talked me into a duathlon in late April. I may live to regret this, but since I will likely not be going to Green Bay for the half and don't really have my heart set on a hilly out-and-back 10 mile race that month, either. So I can sorta justify it, at least timing-wise. I will have almost 2 weeks after the du to recover for the Fifth-Third Riverbank Run 25k, which I sat out last year while tapering for the Bayshore Marathon.

I'm also eagerly looking forward to the return of Team HTFU! to the North Country Trail Relay in June and my return to Las Vegas in December--this time to run the half marathon with 30+ of my online and in-real-life running girlfriends...Diva, Las Vegas! A few of the women are planning to run the full, but most of us still want something left in our legs to go clubbing later that night. Those two races will be the exciting running highlights of the year. 2 duathlons and a century ride or two represent my goals on the bike.

January has not been all depressing dreariness, though. Over the past weekend we went and saw Avatar at the nearest 3D IMAX theater. Wowsers! The story was fairly cheesy, but the visuals more than made up for the flaws in script. I think I want to live on Pandora. I want one of those bad-ass giant cat-like things for a pet, too. What a great running partner...

After seeing Avatar we went to the Apple store near the theater to upgrade my system (still in boxes, but we're hoping to do the switch this weekend when we have time to transfer stuff over to the new machine). We picked-up a second Mini. My current is closing in on 5 years of age and is one of the original G4 models running 10.4.11.

New Mini will be running the latest version of OS X, 10.6. I'm really looking forward to streaming video working properly. Maybe 6 months ago a lot of newer YouTube stuff stopped playing well--virtually overnight. I thought maybe there was something I could tweak on my end, but after doing some Google research it appears that this is something affecting a lot of older computers--they were never designed to handle these higher quality video streams.

I'm also looking forward to playing with my new touch-sensitive Magic Mouse and using the new, sleek Mac Keyboard. I've been using a clunky Microsoft one for a while and the letters on the home-row keys are long gone.

I also have a new Winter coat on order. This part was not enjoyable. While entering the theater to see Avatar I attempted to zip my coat and the teeth did not line up properly. The result was that I couldn't move the zipper without destroying it and had to take my coat off by pulling it over my head. Luckily I purchased the coat through Backcountry.com and they have a fabulous warranty, so they are taking it back. Also lucky is the warmer weather coming through for a few days (by "warmer" I mean relative to what we've been experiencing. It will still mostly be in the 30s).

I really loved the current coat, style-wise, but found that it had nearly non-existent insulation (really, Burton...in a snowboarding jacket?). The replacement coat (Marker Ruby) has some similar styling, but should be better insulated. And the zipper pulls have Swarovski crystals on them--ha, blingy! I scored it for half of full retail, which was nice. It's unreal how much a warm, good quality Winter coat can cost. While doing some online shopping I nearly choked on some 4-digit price tags...for a jacket?!


  1. Take some time off and participate in some other activities -- crosstraining is a good thing. Mentally you should give yourself a break from time to time. Good luck getting back on the horse!

  2. Training for the duo will be great for x-training :) Hooray for new computer equipment - I'm still trying to get past the fun time wasters on the touch and make use of it in a more productive manner. Am totally in agreement re Pandora - the graphics were amazing!!