You can say you knew me back when...

Yes, I am enjoying my 15 minutes of fame.

Back this Summer I was on a late afternoon 6 miler and saw the Google Street-Level cam car 3x. I was reasonably certain that the car was photographing during 2 of those passes. I was playing with Google Earth on my new computer (my old computer was too old to handle this program) and remembered that historical day and thought to scan the photos of the area where I suspected the car was shooting. Turns out my suspicions were correct.

I love all the green grass, blue skies, sunshine, and dry roads. It gives me hope that Winter will come to an end.

I don't love the fact that my gut looks 6 months preggers...huh. Yeah, I am toting a few extra pounds, but not all in my belly. Trust me, my boobs usually project further than my gut.

Today I had a shiteous run. It was at least 5 degrees colder than predicted, no sun (as predicted), and it was clammy. Plus the thawing from the previous few days led to some extensive areas of black ice. I'm also starting to think that maybe I am overdoing it on running miles + cycling miles. I think relatively low running miles (I've been in the 30 mile/week neighborhood for a while) are giving me a warped view of what I am really doing. I may have run 20+ fewer miles than I did at the peak of marathon training, but I am still working out nearly 8 hours/week when the cycling on the "nowhere bike" is figured-in. And that's an activity that my body is still acclimating to, so it's likely putting more strain on me than I realize, even though it's such a low-impact activity.

I am still a few miles behind the 1500 mile Pace Bunny (thanks to being sick for the first couple days of the year), but I have to remind myself that during my 2 half-marathon training cycles I will be logging probably 40-45 mile weeks at my peak, so I will make up for any reduced mileage weeks now. I really want to be ready to hit the road on the bike when weather improves, so spending more time on the trainer and less running in the cold, nasty muck doesn't sound like a bad plan, anyhow.

Right now my biggest training targets are my first duathlon in late April and the Riverbank Run 25k 2 weeks later. This isn't the worst time of the year to be indoors on the bike trainer to prepare my legs for higher miles on the road. I can get more running miles in once the roads are less treacherous, too.


  1. Google Earth is a funny thing. That's so funny that you were captured on your run! Keep up the great work!

  2. Ha! I love it. I don't think the Google Cam Car has made it to where I live yet...