That's how my new computer feels...so superfast! I knew my old one was bogging-down, but the difference between the 2 machines that look virtually identical on the outside is amazing. Everything moves in lightning-speed on the new Mini with Mac OS 10.6 (aka OS X 6).

The only gripe...I will probably have to recalibrate the monitor. Maybe not. We still have to transfer stuff from the old machine onto this one, so maybe the calibration settings will move, too. right now everything is sorta pink-ish. Not that the average person would notice, but years spent in the color darkroom and futzing with Photoshop have rendered me really anal retentive about the color balance on my monitor--even if I'm not doing work that needs to be sent to the lab and requires a perfectly calibrated screen. Thank goodness for my Pantone Colorvision Spyder device.

The new keyboard is lovely. So sleek and quiet (except for the space bar, for some reason). And the Magic Mouse...ahhh...I think I am in <3. I love the touch surface. I am quickly learning that it's so much more efficient than scrolling by clicking and dragging or clicking arrows. I've had mice with the scroll wheels before, but the wheels were never placed in such a way that they were comfortable for the shape/size of my hand. This mouse is nifty, since I can drag up and down wherever my index finger is comfortable.

I'm happy to be able to use Safari, again. I don't care for Firefox. Maybe it was because my machine was old (and the latest version of Safari no longer would work well on that, either), but it was flaky. I had issues getting things to post and would have to stop and hit submit a few times. I'm also looking forward to trying Google Chrome. That browser only works with Intel Macs running 10.5 or 10.6, I believe. I had 10.4 on an old Power PC machine. My hubby and best friend both happily use Chrome almost exclusively on their PCs, so I am eager to give it a whirl.

My new coat arrived today, too...just in time for unseasonably warm temps--ha! So all of you folks in the Upper Midwest enjoying the "warm" weather, thank me! It fits very well, is flattering, and seems like it will be plenty warm. And it weighs about half as much as the Burton coat with the FUBARd zipper.

I also just received a Smartwool base layer top that I found for half price. Wore it today for nearly 6 miles and was amazed by the level of warmth from a lightweight top. It was 32º and that was all the shirt I needed. It didn't seem to wick as well as most synthetic fabric tops I wear, but even the areas that were most damp (like the insides of my arms, opposite my elbows) were still warm. No itching, either. I could live in Smartwool from head-to-toe.

2 days ago I did my longest ride on the bike trainer--15 miles. It was really not so bad. More pleasant than 5 miles on a treadmill. Really helps that I can be in the comfort of my own home and watching whatever I want on TV (I mean, whatever I want as long as DH is not riding with me...then we watch things like Predator. *sigh*).

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