$45k of FUN!

So yesterday was the big 24 hour Ultimate Cycle Challenge, of which I covered 2 hours for our JDRF West MI team. The entire event raised that big dollar amount in the title above--all going to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Wow. I'm not really sure exactly how many people participated in the event, but at any given time there appeared to be 40-50 people pedaling.

I went into this with some trepidation. This was to be my longest indoor ride and I knew I'd likely have my bike mounted on the same fluid trainer model my hubby has, which provides markedly more resistance than the old magnetic trainer I use. I figured I would have to really ease-up on the gearing and that I'd be lucky to crank out 20 miles in that 2 hours.

Turns out the trainer I was on had noticeably less resistance than mine and that Derek must simply have his tension set higher. So in 1:57 I easily managed 30 miles. Yay, me! That trainer was so much smoother than my own, too. I think next Winter I will have to replace the ancient magnetic trainer for a newer, smoother fluid trainer.

I had so much fun...I think I could have gone a 3rd hour without much trouble. Next year I am definitely in for 3-4 hours! I'd like to be there at night when they have the DJs and videos. I missed some great 80s pop. Hubby also rode 2 hours and our son was really a trooper. He read and refilled water bottles and brought us snacks as we pedaled. I think next year he may have his own bike on a trainer and be able to pedal for at least an hour, too. That would be really fun to have him alongside one of us.

Today I dragged my butt through 5 running miles. I'm still dealing with some sort of weird low-grade cold that I am suspicious may actually be allergies--all these above-freezing days almost certainly have encouraged some mold growth. I've also not slept well the last few nights and yesterday was a long day--went to bed too late Fri. night, up to early yesterday, the UCC ride, then restless sleep last night. I'm wiped-out! Luckily I have a rest day in the works either tomorrow or Tues.


  1. Kirstin! I am so proud of you for keeping up with the running! I remember when you first started the c25k way back when! (I know this entry was about cycling, but I've seen the running entries too!). Keep it up!!

    Martha Bowdle-Longoria

  2. Martha!!! Hey, girl! I've missed ya'! :D