9 years ago...

...I weighed 225#s when I woke up and was at least 7.5#s lighter when I went to bed. I have this kid at right to thank for that rapid weight loss (but, OMG...how do I have a child who is halfway to adulthood? That is both shocking and sort of sad...it's all gone by so fast. 9 years passed in a flash).

Of course, I have myself to thank for the other 60#s (20 regained) I lost once I shrunk back down to my pre-pregnancy 185#s.

Today we celebrated by surprising Dane with a trip to the Grand Rapids Auto Show. He has been a car nut since he was about a year old and it's been a few years since we made it to the show, so he was really thrilled that we planned this family outing. We were both pretty tickled by that "Transformers Package" Camaro that he is squatting alongside. It has Autobots badging all over and is painted to look just like Bumblebee. Yes, we ARE geeks!

I was really bummed that they didn't have a Mazdaspeed 3 or RX-8...the last time we were there they did have those models, which were fun to ogle. I talked to the Subaru guy, who was miffed that he was not supplied with a WRX...seriously, why would these manufacturers only display their daily drivers and not the FUN stuff? DH lovingly caressed and sat inside the Honda Fit. There is little doubt that if he had to buy a new car today that the Fit would be it. Amazing how much room is in that diminutive, fuel-efficient, cute compact car.

We were all pretty tired today. DH and I attended a wine-and-pig-out party at the home of friends of ours about an hour away and didn't arrive home until nearly 3AM (this was after I ran 11 chilly miles in the middle of the day). Dane stayed at my local running friend's house and had a Wii tournament with her kids. Then he was up most (all?) of the night wrassling with her young kitten. We all have luggage under our eyes. I almost feel like I'm coming down with a cold, too...but maybe it's just run-of-the-mill exhaustion from too much weekend. I'm also maybe too overstuffed from birthday supper at Chili's. Our nearest location was donating 10% of sales to the JDRF, so we had 2 reasons to have a meal there, not that our bellies needed yet another gorging in a single weekend.

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