Chamois lammy ding dong...

Last night I wore my new Pearl Izumi Sympony Cut shorts for the first time...and I LOVED them! So much that I immediately ordered a second pair (this time with the white mesh sides, instead of the black). Again I got a good deal, as I just recently opened an Amazon Visa card. In the past week we've been through a nightmare with my Bank of America CC TWICE withdrawing payment from the wrong checking account and screwing things up with our local bank. The second time they withdrew AFTER we had paid the card off with the account that we had originally intended for the payment to draw from, so I ended up with a credit on my credit card...idiots.

The new shorts are fabulous. The rear padding is under my sit bones--instead of behind them--I'm not sitting on seams (hello, chafing--ow!) in weird places, and there isn't too much padding where I don't need it. I think my issues with numb and painful "girly bits" had a lot to do with too much bulky chamois between me and the seat. With all of the other shorts I'd tried there was at least one issue that became increasingly bothersome the longer I'd ride--which would almost certainly put a damper on rides of more than an hour. Last night I rode for an hour and the only thing that hurt was my legs while doing some one-leg reps.

I also think the little pocket on the backside is the best thing ever. I can stick a house key in there, or a gel, or lip balm. And that front panel without elastic is SO comfy. My hubby prefers bib shorts, since he's not dealing with a waistband cutting into his gut. This seems to achieve the same end, without the inconvenience of having to strip my shirt off every time I need to use the loo.

Oh, and those meshy areas on the sides...almost like wearing a bit of sexy lingerie while I ride my bike. Should make for some interesting tan lines this Summer. As if the bra/tank combo and Garmin didn't already mark me as someone whose tan is not from merely lounging on the beach.

Today I ran 7 miles...I was supposed to do some intervals, but the roads aren't really ideal for any speed work, unfortunately. I started off wearing my Yaktrax, but decided about 2/3 of a mile in that the roads weren't quite bad enough to warrant them and a mile here and a mile there would be semi-clear. Just enough to slow me down, but not enough to benefit from the traction devices. It was a decent enough run and not bitterly cold, but it was that sort of dreary, damp cold...just a few degrees below freezing, but with light winds that really made the cold penetrate. I am SO ready for Spring!

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