It's my party...

...and I'll bike if I want to...

Today I am 37. I have been eagerly awaiting this day for several years...entirely due to this little movie clip:

What a gorgeous day. I woke to sunshine...which disappeared for a bit, a few snowflakes fell, then the clouds parted and left not a trace. Blue skies and sunshine are such a welcome gift.

Hubby and I rode our nowhere bikes for an hour while watching Sin City. He also made me bacon for breakfast. In a bit he's heading out to pick up Chinese for dinner (mmm...beef & broccoli and crab rangoons for me!). Tonite we will enjoy the Olympics opening ceremonies with a bottle of wine.

Oh, and I downloaded the most recent The Swell Season "CD." Wow...3 hours of music and live concert audio--that will keep me entertained on many a run. Glen Hansard is pretty droll, too. I think the concert recording was done at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee, which is kind of cool. That is a very nice venue. I was there at least once in high school for a play.

Tomorrow I will meet with my local running buddy for 11 miles. I will need that after all the food and wine tonite. And DH and DS are planning to make a cake tomorrow, so I need to pre-emptively burn some calories, too.

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  1. Happy Birthday Zoomy!! Don't worry - you can still set PRs at 37 and 38 (or at least I have, so I'm sure you can too!)