Many Mouthfuls of Regret

Ugh, I SO do not want to step on the scale for weigh-in tomorrow. This weekend has been BAD, calorically. Cake, frosting...frosting without cake, beer, wine, pizza, Chinese take-out... I'm like the poster child for efficient weight GAIN!

Yesterday while I was out on an 11 miler with my local running friend my guys made our "family birthday cake." Seeing as how all 3 Humans in this house have February birthdays we thought it made the most sense to make one cake for all of us and pick a weekend midway between them all to celebrate with simple carbohydrates subsequent to singing "Happy Birthday to US."

Originally we had planned to go watch a roller derby match last night, but after that miserable long run (it's not just Heather and I who had bad runs...seems to be affecting friends far-flung, too. F you, Old Man Winter) and DS dropping a book on his foot we just weren't all that eager to venture out into the cold. Instead we donned PJs, made pizza, and rented a couple of movies. 9 was very good, as was Inglourious Basterds. I am still convinced that there are few things I enjoy more than Brad Pitt doing crazy. I think we might need to rent 12 Monkeys again, very soon.

While we watched movies we ate cake. Then again for breakfast we had cake. I kinda wanna hurl, now. In a little while the 2 eldest cake eaters in the house will ride our nowhere bikes...you know, to make room for that last 3rd of the cake that remains. We will watch the Olympics while we ride...to add more guilt. Those young athletes didn't get where they are by sitting around eating cake for the better part of a weekend. At least the leftover pizza and Chinese are gone...I might have to go binge on salad, now.

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