Murphy's Law

I just got new running shoes (Mizuno Wave Elixir 5)...I already prefer the overall fit and features to the Elixir 4s. Several of the silly traction dots on the forefoot of the 4s were worn completely flat after only 125 miles or so. And they were always just a hair firm. The update is a bit softer (at least according to Mizuno and early reviewers) and the forefoot tread is no longer comprised of those fragile little rubber dots.

The Murphy's Law part...the roads are kinda crappy, again. I don't know that I want to wear brand new shoes in that garbage. I like to keep my new shoes new-looking for maybe the first 50 miles. After that point I'm not so careful about weather/road conditions. But I would like to get one shorter "break-in" run in before my 11 miler on Sat. Always nice to make sure a shoe doesn't have any trouble areas, like weird seams or overlays--at least when it's a brand new model.

Winter can go bye-bye any time, now. Not only is tomorrow supposed to be cold, but we are also predicted to have sustained 25mph winds with 36mph gusts. Add that to temps just below freezing and the wind-chills end up pretty bitter. Gross. My planned 7 miler in that is going to be rough, especially since it's an interval workout. I will definitely be making certain that the intervals portion is with the wind at my back after my initial warm-up miles.

Today I logged 14 miles on the nowhere bike with 4 rounds of one-legs. Those are tough. I much prefer pedaling with BOTH legs. I do think they make me stronger, though, so I will keep doing them.

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