Pączki Fever!!!

I said I wasn't going to do it, but I just had to have a pączki...after all, there is really just this one day every year when they are required eating--kind of like turkey on Thanksgiving, only a little less healthy.

But this year I was "good." There have been years when I've eaten 3 entire pączkis (I know...sometimes I think it's a wonder that I'm not battling more than 20#s). Having just one was enough to keep me from feeling like I'm missing out, but not so much that I feel bloated and nauseous and stuffed and disgusted and guilty. And somehow I actually LOST a pound in the past week...a week of utter birthday gluttony. I don't get that at all. I can eat like a bird for a week and gain, then eat like a hog for a few days and lose. Makes no sense.

Today I ran 6 miles...one of those runs where I could have maybe benefitted from Yaktrax, but much of the new snow was just sticky enough that my regular trail shoes were adequate. The areas that were bad were where the plow had been through and smoothed the snow down into a hard, flat, texture-less surface. I wish they would scrape down deeper when it's like this.

It was still a pretty decent run. Yesterday was a well-needed rest day and my legs definitely felt stronger today. Tomorrow I will bike for an hour, then run another 3-4 miles...run on Thurs. and Fri., and then my 2 hour share of the 24 hour Ultimate Cycling Challenge fundraising ride (team JDRF West MI) on Sat.

I'm kind of liking that I don't have a long run on the schedule this week. It's taking more and more mental effort to get myself out the door, now. Today I saw some sun, which was very welcome. Even when it's not particularly cold/snowy/windy it's tough to find the mojo when it's so gloomy. Winters are so long in MI, and so much of what makes them feel endless is the minimal sun for so many months. I need my vitamin D!


  1. I ate four. I also ran twice on Tuesday. I have little guilt. :)

    I bought two dozen paczki and brought them to work. Of the 24, I took my four and gave the rest to a (Polish) co-worker who managed to eat 16. By himself. He takes Fat Tuesday very seriously. The most infuriating part is, he's a skinny little guy. It's not fair. He did say, however, that he felt really strange by the end of the day. I wonder why. :)

  2. 16?! OMG...I would have been wretching! It's always the skinny guys. Look at some of those dudes who win eating contests--it's not the big ones, it's the little 5'6" 120# guys who win!