That pretty well sums-up how I feel today. We aren't getting socked with the sort of snow that was predicted last night (at least not yet)...right now it kind of looks like the frozen equivalent of drizzle. Just as dreary, but colder.

I have a 6 miler on the agenda, but I have no motivation to get out there and do it. The angel on one shoulder is in a battle with the devil on the other. Angel is sappily chirping about how accomplished I will feel after completing the workout, especially on such a cold and dreary day with snow-covered roads (roads that are still relatively clear, compared to what they are dealing with out East). While the little demon is pointing-out how comfy I am sitting at the computer in my wool socks and reminding me of all of the laundry that this single run will produce. Hmmm....

And my abs hurt from yesterday's Cathe core workout (I did workout #2, which uses a stability ball and is apparently more effective than workout #1, given how stiff and sore my midsection is today). And I am tired from 21 miles on the nowhere bike last night.

Here I am just a couple of days into my 11 week duathlon schedule and already I am tired of working out and want to be lazy. Though I really don't think it's the workouts that have me so unmotivated, as much as the lack of sleep (I need to start going to bed earlier, even on the weekends) and lack of sun (yay, seasonal affective disorder!).

I know from past experience that once I get out there and complete a mile or two that I will enjoy it and the remaining miles will pass rather pleasantly. My head knows this...but my body is very adept at trying to convince it otherwise.


  1. Trainer rides to nowhere always seem to put me in a not so good mood. I am right there with you -- sometimes it is tough to find the motivation. There is no magic formula to get it back either. Just look at today as a training session in mental toughness and power through the miles...

  2. I don't mind the trainer rides so much...it's WAY less miserable than running on a treadmill for even half the time. Today was a 6 mile run...it actually wasn't so bad (though I do sorta wish I'd worn my Yaktrax). I knew it wouldn't be bad once I actually got out there and started moving. Getting out the door is the hardest part of some workouts!

  3. Don't worry. There are days that our MINDS and BODIES tells us to rest. And getting out the door sometimes IS the hardest part. You'll do it when you're ready.