Ultimate Cycle Challenge

In about 13 hours my bike will be right where that foreground bike is sitting...and my butt will be on the saddle for the following 3 hours. Ack! My longest indoor ride, ever. I have ridden 2.5 outdoors, but that's a lot kinder to the girly-bits and the brain. And it's likely to be hot in there. I'm gonna be a sweaty mess by the end of things, I think.

Already our team has had a cyclist pedaling for nearly 2 hours. For 24 hours we will have someone pedaling--most of us in 2 hour blocks. We have raised a paltry $10 as a team (not including the registration fees, which help support the Lance Armstrong Foundation, as well). If you'd like to financially help our JDRF West Michigan team we'd greatly appreciate the support.

Fashion focus: I plan to wear an orange sleeveless jersey and orange wicking do-rag thingy...to match my flashy handlebar tape. A girl's gotta look put-together when she is sweating like a horse!

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