What doesn't kill us...

Actually, that wasn't so bad (I reserve the right to not feel this way tomorrow AM, of course). I did the 1st of the 3 workouts on the Core Max DVD and didn't find it to be too overwhelmingly beyond my abilities...well, at least until the series of planks at the end. I have NEVER been good at planks. Hopefully doing them frequently will change that.

Thus far I am very pleased with the DVD. Cathe wastes no time getting to business and making the best use of workout time. In every video of hers that I have done she consistently gives pointers, alternative moves if a particular exercise is too challenging, form correction to avoid injury, and reminders to concentrate on the movement to get the most out of each rep. I look forward to trying the workout with the stability ball and the 3rd one, which uses the stability ball and an 8# medicine ball.

Tomorrow I will run earlier in the day (probably an easy 4), then an hour on the bike trainer with the hubby.

Tonight I attempted to book the room I will be sharing with 2 friends at the Luxor in Vegas for the Marathon weekend (12/5), but their site is buggy. I couldn't get the reservation to go through via 3 browsers on this computer (Mac) or on my hubby's machine (PC). I'll try again tomorrow and contact them if it continues.

2010 is already dragging. Between wanting to get outdoors on my bike and wishing it were already time for my Vegas vacation (with 30+ of my running girlfriends) this year is going so S-L-O-W-L-Y.... Hopefully things will pick up once I start training in earnest for the duathlon. Training starts in 5 days and will continue for 11 weeks leading up to race day on 4/25. I'm still nervous about having so little actual outdoor ride time before the race. Right now I don't even have to use the brakes to stop and clipping in and out of the pedals is no biggie, since my bike is firmly mounted to the trainer. The whole transitions thing between run-bike and bike-run makes me panic a little, too.

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  1. We'll be staying at the Luxor too! I've convinced him to upgrade to the spa room, now to just get him to understand that my mom should have her own room....