And a good time was had by all

Cue cheesy grin! There's me with my Oby. Man, I love that bike. 2 days ago DH and I went on my 2nd really "long" ride. Granted, long to me is 2 hours, at this stage, but my ride the other day was faster and hillier than my prior "long" outdoor ride, so I'm feeling pretty stoked. We had a great time and the weather was gorgeous! Can't wait to do it again. I'm so glad DH has every-other Friday off. That way we can ride together while DS is in school. It's tricky to fit in rides with a child who isn't yet old enough to be home alone. Maybe in a year we can do outings with Dane on his own. In the meantime I need to start braving the road on my own. I will feel much more confident once I have mastered changing a flat tube. But I definitely need to do that before duathlon day, which is fast approaching.

As of today I am nearing the end of my 5th of 11 weeks of training. Only 6 more weeks to master a fast tire change and fixing a dropped chain and that sort of thing. The whole biking around other racers thing still freaks me out, too. I'm a klutz, but I don't care of my noobishness and clumsiness takes me out...if I took others out in the process I would feel absolutely dreadful.

Today also finished-off 2 more fabulous days. The guys and I spent the night at a Holiday Inn with a pool in Grand Rapids (and supper at the famous Beltline Bar...mmmMexican!), since DS is home for parent-teacher conferences. After our in-hotel breakfast of biscuits and gravy, scrambled and hard-boiled eggs, cinnamon rolls, cereal, coffee, OJ, and muffins (remember when hotels only offered stale doughnuts and burned coffee?) we drove to our favorite West Michigan destination, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park for the 15th annual "Butterflies Are Blooming" exhibit. I love this...every year this is a preview of Spring and Summer. The main atrium features at least a dozen different species...hundreds of bright, fluttery, gentle bugs. We're so lucky we had this school day to go, since the place is an absolute mob-scene during the weekends and Spring break week.

But I think the best part...we found out that ANOTHER Dale Chihuly exhibit is coming late next month--and a BIG one. I think 12 individual installations, some outdoors. I am over-the-moon happy. Chihuly is my very most favorite artist in the whole wide world. The first time I saw his work was at FMG when Dane was just a little tike in a stroller. He oohed and ahh'd...as did his mom. That was just a small, indoor installation.

So...we had to buy the family membership. We had one years ago, then gas prices went up and we couldn't justify the cost to drive to GR to go to FMG more than once/year. This year they have so many awesome events scheduled that there was no way we could not join. I'm interested to see which outdoor amphitheater concert acts are scheduled. Members get first-dibs on ticket purchases. I had wanted to see The Swell Season in Kalamazoo. Tickets went on presale yesterday and are already gone--oh, snap! I would love if they ended up being booked at FMG. They would be perfect for that venue.

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