Did you see the zombie?

Yeah, I think it was me. I can barely call what I did for 12 miles today "running," though. More like trudging/shuffling/ambling...just like an old school zombie (as opposed to the more modern "infected" sort of Human, which isn't technically a zombie by the opinion of many zombie-philes).

I definitely overdid it this week. I logged 111 miles: 30+ on foot, just shy of 81 on my bike. That was stupid. Today's run was supposed to include 3-4 intervals @ 5k pace...fat chance. I could barely maintain 11:30 and walked a few times just to keep from stopping altogether.

This week will be MUCH easier...at least until Saturday, when I will be doing my favorite 15k race. It's hilly...the race's nickname is "Jill's Hills," after the race director. She is also CC of the HS in the community where the race is held. Apparently their team runs that route quite often. And they have a REALLY strong CC program, which comes as no suprise. Though this course is tough it's my 15k PR, even over the MUCH easier 15k course I run every Summer. That race is usually held when it's warm and humid and it takes a toll on my pace. I can tolerate hills more than I can tolerate asthma attack.

One of our 4 felines has also decided that I should quit this running business. He/she soaked both shoes of my more recent pair introduced into rotation...of course this is the pair with the highest price-tag, too...and only 50 miles logged. Damn. I discovered this just as I was about to gear-up for my run. Normally I am averse to washing running shoes (it can shorten their life-span and I wear the dirt as a badge of honor), but cat pee on shoes requires washing. So in the delicates bag they went, along with my new pair of Superfeet insoles. Dumb cat. Perhaps they didn't like the new shoe smell...or that they are Mizunos when the rest of my road shoes are Nikes (I'm not loving these shoes as much as my Nikes, either...they are a hair too stiff for long runs and my peroneal tendons let me know it). I'm just thankful that my Sidi cycling shoes were left unsullied--those babies are the price of 3 pairs of running shoes!

So I ended up pulling into rotation a new pair of Nikes--4th pair of Run Avant+. I grabbed them on clearance when they were first discontinued and have been sitting on them. I think I will wear them for the race on Saturday, so today was a good day to break 'em in a bit and make sure that there were no quality control issues. My other road shoes are both high mileage. One pair is essentially retired and on sloppy run reserve and the other pair is about 80 miles from being done.

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