She's a Brick (duh duh daa duh) HOWSE!

Today the exercise agenda calls for a brick workout--first an hour on the bike, then 5 miles outdoors (2 mile warm-up followed by 3 miles at increasing pace). As I sit here it's still pretty cold outside, but it is gorgeous...I don't ever recall seeing this much sun at this time of the year. I hope we won't be paying for this relatively mild Winter with a miserable Spring and Summer.

I really can't wait to get outdoors on my bike and I have enough warm running and cycling clothes that I could get out right now, but the kicker is that I'm not yet ready to be venturing out by myself. I really need to change a few tires under supervision and make sure I have that skill mastered long before I consider going solo. Finding opportunities for both the hubby and I to go out together is tricky with a 9 year old, too. He's not yet old/mature enough to be left alone. Maybe in a year or so we can consider that option.

I look forward to the day that he can ride WITH us, too. He's just about big enough to fit a junior-sized road bike, but it will be a while before he has the speed and endurance to keep up with adults...though I'm guessing that day will come within just a couple of years. He definitely has energy to spare (yay, ADHD--it's good for something!). He really enjoys riding his clunky old (when I say "old" I'm not kidding...it was his dad's bike when he was the same age) BMX bike. He's going to be a little monster on a lighter-weight bike with better components and larger wheels.


  1. I did my first structured ride with my older daughter when she was 9. It was a 13 mile ride, she did it on a clunker bike, had a hard time but got it done. A few years later and she now runs too fast for me to keep up.

    He doesn't need a road bike to have fun riding with you. Enjoy it!

  2. Dane has done as far as 11 with me (while I ran) last Summer, when he was 8. If I want to go at any sort of fast clip with us both on bikes there's no way he could keep up, not even for a very short distance. That bike of his weighs almost twice what mine does. They sure don't make 'em like that anymore...which is probably not a bad thing.