Ugh...I'm wiped-out. I've only logged 10 miles on foot...that's pretty light running mileage by midweek. But I've spent 66.5 miles on my bike saddle. Oof. Luckily my new saddle seems to be a really good fit for me.

Nothing on me really hurts--not even my butt--but I am beat. I've already put in about 6.5 hours of training. I still have about 4 hours of running left and an hour on the bike on the plan for this week. That puts my training time at about an hour more than I logged before my highest mileage week training for my last marathon, I believe. No wonder I am so exhausted. I gradually worked-up to that marathon mileage. Last week my workouts took 8 hours, the previous week just under 7. Good thing this next week is an easy week leading up to a tough 15k in about 10 days. If I kept up at this level for too long (at least without an intelligently gradual build-up) I'm sure I would break. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, though. I'm hoping this tough week and consistent training all Winter long spells a big PR on race day...and more to follow.

Today was a day of bravery, at least on the cycling front. It was my first solo ride with DH nowhere near and in no position to rescue me should my bike blow up, or something. I rode for a nice hour...it was a little scary, though.

The impending weather forecast also makes me feel obligated to get in miles when I can. We're supposed to go back to the sort of weather that early March's "in like a lion" usually requires...snow, wind, rain, nasty. Not biking weather...barely running weather. So the 2 hour ride I had planned for Sunday will most likely be cut down to maybe an hour run. I won't really have another chance at a long bike ride until after the race, so easily 2 weeks after my 2.5 hour ride a few days ago.

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