That's what nearly 29 miles with some rolling hills thrown in for "fun" are on a flawlessly sunny 70º day in April. Today Oby the wonder-bike and I joined the JDRF team for a training ride. This was our first group outing. Prior to this I had never rode with more than 2 other people. It was fun! I didn't ride as socially as I might have if I didn't have that duathlon looming (IN TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY...ack!). I pushed myself just enough to hover at the higher end of comfort. I'd say 6-7 on a 10 point scale. Just enough where recoveries from hills weren't too bad, but I didn't take it super easy, either. I think I only popped down onto the granny ring on my triple crank on one LONG hill.

Today I had no trouble keeping a 20+mph pace for a couple of consecutive miles with lots of 15-17mph miles (I swear those smoother roads helped. Our chip-sealed roads right around here really seem to suck the pace). My overall pace was about 15.5mph, at least for the last 24 or so miles of the ride. I forgot to start my Garmin for the first few...duh. I don't feel like it's going to be all that out of the question for me to hit that 30k (18.6mi.) bike leg of the race in around an hour. Of course, that will all depend upon how shot I feel after that first 5k run. If I run that conservatively I have high hopes for the bike leg. Right now I'm guesstimating that my entire race time + transitions will be in the 2:05 neighborhood. 2 if I have a good day, 2:10 if I fall apart. I'll be interested to see how close this ends up being to reality in 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I am planning on 20-30 miles with 3 3 mile intervals thrown in. After that I start a sort of a taper. The nice thing about duathlon training is that all the biking is not leaving me desperate for taper. I am looking forward to a couple of easier weeks, but not CRAVING them. Even by the end of training for a half-marathon I am usually very ready for a break.

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