The current quote above...
Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?
Peter Maher
Today was a tough run. 13.12 miles, 44 degree windchill, soaking rain the entire way. I was cold and I was underdressed. Everything on me was stiff and my usual easy pace was 30 seconds slower than it has been of late.

But I didn't wimp-out. I did my run. It took me over 2.5 hours, but I did it. And it didn't kill me. Sure, I would have been more comfortable with some sort of water-resistant, long-sleeve jacket on, but that wouldn't have scored me extra hardcore points. Heh. Squishy shoes are kinda fun, too, as long as there are no blisters or hot spots involved. Yesterday I saw several runners and cyclists during my run in near 80º temps. Today I was out for more than twice the time and saw no one else...well, I did see some people out golfing. Had they been closer to the road where I was running I would have shouted some words of camaraderie to them. Runners apparently aren't the only die-hards (some might call us insane).

One more long run before I start a sort of taper before my duathlon. Not long before the nerves set in. I'm not worried about the running portion...I know what I'm doing there. But the biking stuff and transitions have me pretty freaked-out. I keep envisioning crashing, unsuccessfully unclipping and falling in transition, not clipping properly and falling exiting transition, flat tire, etc. Ack!


  1. Gotta comment on this. I have been a big wuss and not gone out for 4 days this week due to the cold wind and rain...brrrrrr.

    But, I did go out yesterday, it was chilly and I came back feeling it was worth it. Another run scheduled in for today even though it is windy. Did I mention that I hate the wind?

  2. Yeah, wind...uh...blows, heh. My last 2 bike rides have been during really windy conditions. Some of those sustained gusts can nearly blow a person backwards. A couple of days ago I did a fartleks workout that was essentially wind sprints. That was really hard, but I just had to remind myself that my effort was > than my pace and that I was still going to reap the benefits of that.