Good News is GOOD NEWS!

Woot, the hubby's removed lymph node was free of cancer, so that spot on his arm had not yet sent its evil further into his body! Tomorrow we will celebrate with a little bike ride (I'm doing just an hour, then a 4 mile run as part of a brick workout) after he works a half day. Tonite we are celebrating with pizza...and beer (duh!).

Keep slathering on the sunblock, friends. Your skin is your largest organ and your first defense against a harsh world. Cancer doesn't always care how active we are or how healthy we eat and when it comes to sun exposure it's often those of us with the healthiest habits who are at greatest risk. Pasty is healthy and it's nice to get to a certain age when most of your peers start wrinkling. I'm determined to still get carded well into my 40s.

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