Mustering-up all the HTFU I can muster.

Tomorrow's duathlon day forecast:
Sunday: Rain. Steady temperature around 54. Breezy, with a east northeast wind between 17 and 22 mph, with gusts as high as 31 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%.
Seriously, I can't have this first race be under mild conditions (like the entire rest of this Spring has been, instead of a complete 180 of the season-long trend)? I could tolerate wind or rain or cold...but ALL 3?! I don't think I've ever even had to do any running in races in the rain after dozens of races in 4 years. But a running race would be no biggie under those conditions. Yeah, it would be kinda crummy, but without having to deal with transitions or relatively fast speeds it would be tolerable. I've never ridden in the rain and am not liking the thought of trying it for the first time during a race..."nothing new on race day." That should include decreased braking performance and increased slipperiness around corners (of which there are several on the out-and-bake bike course).

I'm really at a conundrum re: how to dress and what to have in transition (in a plastic bag to stay dry). Those conditions are really borderline for requiring long-sleeves on the runs. I'm almost certainly going to want to don my wind/rain-resistant jacket for the ride, though. Right now I'm planning on the following "wardrobe":
• 5k run #1 - lightweight baselayer top (long-sleeve), short-sleeve cycling top, tri shorts, capri tights over shorts, race belt with # bib attached (easy to have my # on top of outermost layer)
• 30k bike - same as run + windbreaker jacket
• 5k run #2 - remove jacket, cycling jersey, and possibly capri tights
Perhaps the thing I am dreading most is putting my wet running shoes on for the second run leg...gross. I hate wet, clammy shoes. My BlisterShield sock powder is going to pay for itself tomorrow, methinks.

Right now I'm looking forward to having this goal behind me and looking ahead to my 25k race in 2 weeks. I'm also looking forward to warm, dry clothes after the race and a ride home in a car with the heat cranked.

On the bright side, no matter how pokey my time tomorrow, it will be a PR and likely one that I will easily beat next time around.


  1. yikes, the weather is not being cooperative, huh?

    You are a stud, though, and I know you'll have a great race report for us.

    Good luck!!

  2. Thanks, girl! I guess I was due for a race under less-than-optimal conditions after all these years. I have only had one race that was really awful, but it was just a New Year's Day 6 miler. Near blizzard conditions, but it was over fast enough and more of a fun run than a race.